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Pankaj Saxena@PankajSaxena84

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Date: August 18, 2022
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1. When Rohingyas Mass Murdered Hindus

Yes you heard it right. They are not the most persecuted minority of the world. They are capable of fighting guerilla wars against military states like Myanmar.

And they brutally eliminate non-Muslim minorities wherever they come to rule.

2. Their brutality was displayed in 2017 when they mass massacred around 100 Hindu women and children mainly. Their hapless victims were Bengali Hindus who found themselves at the mercy of this ‘persecuted minority’ of Myanmar.

3. This massacred of Hindus by Rohingyas is known as Kha Maung Seik massacre. It was carried on by the terrorist arm of Rohingyas called ARSA or Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. Yes, Rohingyas even have their terrorist wing.

Still think they are victims?

Pic: ARSA Leader Ata

4. Hindus are just around 1% in this district of Maungdaw where they were massacred. Even 1% Hindus could not be tolerated by the Rohingyas of the district as Rohingya Muslims are the overwhelming majority of this district – 91%.

5. This is the only Muslim majority district of the Rakhine state and the Rohingyas are so brutal that they could pull off a mass massacred of the Hindu minority of their own district in the only place where they are majority.

Think about what they will do in Delhi.

6. Amnesty International report says: "In this brutal and senseless act, members of ARSA captured scores of Hindu women, men and children and terrorised them before slaughtering them outside their own villages."

7. A Hindu woman said: "They slaughtered the men. We were told not to look at them … They had knives. They also had some spades and iron rods. … We hid ourselves in the shrubs there and were able to see a little … My uncle, my father, my brother - they were all slaughtered."

8. Around 100 Hindus were led outside their village. Some women were kept for marrying the insurgents. The rest had their hand and feet tied and their throats slit. They were buried in mass graves later discovered by Myanmar army & reported by BBC and Amnesty.

9. They are a group capable of organizing against a military State. They are a group which is 91% majority in their own district and where they are capable of mass murder of innocent Hindu girls and children. And they are treated as victims?

10. Rohingyas massacred Bengali Hindus in Kha Maung Seik and Ye Bauk Kyar and buried them in mass graves.

They are not the victims!

They are the perpetrators against Hindus.

These are the Amnesty reports for everyone's benefit.

The BBC News


And Business Standard report

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