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Gau mutra jibes, demonisation of Jai Shree Ram and more: Akshay Kumar starrer Raksha Bandhan in a soup after filmwriter’s Hinduphobic tweets go viral

Author: OpIndia Staff
Publication: OpIndia.com
Date: August 2, 2022
URL:      https://www.opindia.com/2022/08/akshay-kumar-kanika-dhillon-raksha-bandhan-film-hinduphobic-tweets/

Social media users argued that while Kanika Dhillon has been making money off Hindus, she has been at the forefront of making derogatory remarks against the same community.

Akshay Kumar starrer ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is set to release on 11th August 2022, the day of festival that celebrates bond between brother and sister. However, just days before its theatrical release the film has run into controversy after the film writer Kanika Dhillon’s Hinduphobic tweets have gone viral on social media.

Last month, the actor had tweeted, “A film celebrating the most special bond where there genuinely was a lot of bonding. Sharing a few special moments of this very special film, coming to a theatre near you in 1 month. RakshaBandhan releasing on 11th August in cinemas.”
Akshay Kumar @akshaykumar

A film celebrating the most special bond where there genuinely was a lot of bonding❤️Sharing a few special moments of this very special film,coming to a theatre near you in 1 month. #RakshaBandhan releasing on 11th August in cinemas.

#1MonthToRakshaBandhan #RakshaBandhan11August
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Jul 11, 2022

But, social media users are now calling for a boycott of the movie over the past tweets of its writer Kanika Dhillon. They argued that while Dhillon has been making money off Hindus, she has been at the forefront of making derogatory remarks against the same community.

Makes gaumutra, gaumata jibes

As evident from her Twitter, Kanika Dhillon is an unabashed critic of the Modi government. But, under the guise of targeting the BJP and PM Modi, she has repeatedly attacked Hindu beliefs and religious sentiments.

“Dying in the parking lot after waiting for a hospital bed…Yeh aache din hai! India super power hai! Aur gau mata ka mutra peene see Covid chala jayega (These are the good days…India is a super power. And drinking cow’s urine will cure Covid-19).”

The ‘gaumutra’ jibe has often been used by Islamists and their apologists, including the Pulwama terrorist Ahmed Dhar. He killed the CRPF soldiers as he wanted to avenge those who ‘drink cow urine.’

In several of her tweets, Kanika Dhillon was seen invoking ‘Gau mata’ to take potshots at the ruling dispensation at the Centre.

“Hmm you think one day the cows of India will also be contesting elections? Since they offer more solutions- benefits and protection than our Ministers! Holy cow! Jai Gaiyaa Mayya ki!” she had tweeted.
While labelling Hindustan as ‘Lynchistan’ over isolated cow vigilante attacks, she claimed that the ‘horrifed’ cows are willing to migrate to the United States and tolerate then US President Donald Trump instead of being in India.

The writer of Raksha Bandhan also derided Hindu sentiments by mocking cows while demanding a law against mob lynchings.

Tricking the Hindu community into perpetual guilt

Kanika Dhillon has targeted the Hindu community randomly through her tweets. “Loving it Anuj Chauhan! Hindu hoon chutiya nahin,” she had tweeted in January 2020.

She had also tried to trick Hindus into guilt by indirectly blaming them for religious fanaticism in the country. Although she urges her followers to go beyond the ‘Hindu-Muslim’ narrative, the writer has been firm in cherry-picking communal incidents and making it about Hindus and Hindusim.

Hijab and appeasement politics

Kanika Dhillon also comes across as a true Islamist apologist. In several tweets, she was seen painting the Muslims as the perpetual victims of the State while keeping her eyes shut to the atrocities committed by their co-religionists.

She was seen labelling students chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ as hooligans while batting for a Burqa-wearing Muskan Khan.

Dhillon had backed Muskan Khan and her ‘right’ to wear Hijab in college campus but later went on to blame the Hindu side for bringing religion into educational institues.

She was also seen promoting the likes of Rana Ayyub, who has a history of defaming India at a global level.

Kanika Dhillon is also the scriptwriter of the movie ‘Kedarnath’. She is also the writer of books ‘Shiva and the Rise of the Shadows’ and ‘The Dance of Durga.’ Despite making big bucks off Hindu deities, and festivals, it did not deter Kanika Dhillon from mocking Hindu beliefs.

Given that several movies, based on Hinduphobic themes, have tanked on the box office in recent months, only time will tell whether the past tweets of Kanika Dhillon will have an impact on the earnings of the movie Raksha Bandhan.
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