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‘Etiquette’ breach: India slams Chinese envoy in Lanka for remarks on ‘spy ship’

Author: TNN
Publication: The Times of India
Date: August 28, 2022
URL:       https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/etiquette-breach-india-slams-chinese-envoy-in-lanka-for-remarks-on-spy-ship/articleshow/93826180.cms

Taking umbrage to Chinese ambassador Qi Zhenhong’s remarks targeting India over the recent controversy over the docking of a Chinese vessel at the Hambantota port, the Indian high commission in Colombo slammed the Chinese diplomat for his violation of “basic diplomatic etiquette” saying Qi’s view of Sri Lanka’s northern neighbour may be “coloured by how his own country behaves”.

“India, we assure him, is very different,” said the Indian mission in a response on Twitter to Qi’s outburst against India in a signed article in a daily on Friday.

The high commission also hit out at China saying “opaqueness and debt-driven agendas” are now a major challenge, especially for smaller nations, and that recent developments are a caution.

“We have noted the remarks of the Chinese Ambassador. His violation of basic diplomatic etiquette may be a personal trait or reflecting a larger national attitude. His imputing a geopolitical context to the visit of a purported scientific research vessel is a giveaway,” said the high commission.

The Indian mission also reminded China that Sri Lanka needs support and not unwanted pressure or unnecessary controversies to serve another country’s agenda.

India’s scathing response followed Qi’s article in which he had said, while talking about the docking of Yuan Wang 5 research vessel, that external obstruction based on “so-called security concerns but without any evidence from certain forces is de facto a thorough interference in Sri Lanka’s sovereignty and independence”.

While Qi again didn’t name India, he said “any infringement on the national sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka shall not be tolerated”.

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