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Conversion is the core business of Christianity: York Archbishop.

Author: Upendra Bharti
Publication: Hinduexistence.org
Date: August 6, 2022
URL:      https://hinduexistence.org/2022/08/06/conversion-is-the-core-business-of-christianity-york-archbishop/

It is our business to convert the non-believers, York Archbishop

It’s our business to convert people, declares Archbishop of York in his address at the Lambeth Conference.

It’s our business not just to convert people, but to make disciples, the followers of Jesus.

In a revealing reporting, the Times and Sunday Times correspondent for religious affairs, Kaya Burgees exposed the business of the Christian priests to bring the non-Christians (non-believers)  in the fold of Christianity through the means of conversion.

Churches need to make it their core business not just to convert non-believers, but to make disciple, the followers of Jesus, the Archbishop of York has said. The most Rev Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell was addressing in the Lambeth Conference [See full speech here] on Aug, 1, 2022.

Anglicans, particularly in the developed countries, must stop treating their faith like a “hobby” — one they “keep to themselves” and practice only on Sundays — and try to bring more people to Christianity, The most Rev Archbishop of York has said.

Addressing the Lambeth Conference, a once-per-decade gathering in Canterbury of more than 650 Anglican bishops around the globe, he said:

McDonalds make hamburgers. Cadburys make chocolate. Starbucks make coffee. The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela makes music. Heineken make beer. Toyota makes cars. Rolex make watches. Safaricom across most of Africa make connections. And sisters and brothers, the Church of Jesus Christ makes disciples.

That is our core business. That is what we are about.

Not just converts. Jesus doesn’t say ‘go into the world and make converts. He doesn’t say go into the world and make churchgoers. He says ‘make disciples’. Followers of Jesus.

A declaration from the conference has asked dioceses to step up efforts to “train and send evangelists to reach those who have not heard the Gospel”.

There are more than 80 million Anglicans worldwide, with the majority living in the poorer nations in what is dubbed the “global south”. In other more affluent areas of the world, including England, Church attendances have been declining for years.

Cottrell said: “We are here because we have received God’s grace….Now let’s share it with others.”

He recalled a conversation with a woman at a railway station. “She said. ‘When I meet people of faith they seem to fall in two categories. It either seems their faith was their hobby — that they go to Church on Sunday but it doesn’t seem to make much difference to the life they live on Monday. Or they embrace their faith so tightly that it frightens everyone else away.’’’

He added: “I have seen these extremes.”

The archbishop of York said: “The best way to grow in your faith is to share it.”

The resolution of the Lambeth Conference gives a clear message through Rev Archbishop of York and it is to convert all non-believers in Christianity with sharing all the past experience of the Evangelical Missions in the name of Jesus.

It’s not a fancy to imagine that Churches have invested billion and trillion dollars business through various wings to run their ‘Conversion Rackets’ for harvesting the faith of Jesus. Hallelujah!

This has an tremendous impact on the third world, south Asia and India to grab the poor people in the name of Jesus removing their original faith, culture and heritage.

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