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Rakesh Krishnan Simha @ByRakeshSimha

Publication: Threadreaderapp.com
Date: August 6, 2022
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Views on the secular Mallu’s hatred of Ambani and Adani

By Rajesh Nadapuram

1. I was at the bank when this interesting yet disturbing incident happened. A Muslim woman in her 60s approached the counter and asked the clerk: “Has Modi’s paisa arrived in my account?”
2. By Modi’s money she meant the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi - a 100% Central Govt funded scheme in which all farmers get up to ₹6,000 per year as minimum income support.
3. Upon hearing this, a pradesh communist leader and a local man said to the woman: “This is not Modi’s paisa. Modi is not giving this money from his pocket or his family property. This is from your taxes. Our tax money is coming back to us.”

4. When an average citizen refers to “Modi’s paisa” and others jump on her and drag Modi’s family into the discussion, why is this a matter of concern? Well, the bank staff informed the Muslim woman (who looked quite poor judging from her clothes) the money had been credited.

5. Satisfied, the old woman left the bank. I then went up to the communist leader and said that he was right that the money in the Kisan Samman Nidhi was neither Modi’s money nor his family’s.

6. Our Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi’s father was a tea seller, so clearly he doesn’t have much family property to give away. They don’t have wealth now, and they didn't have it back then.

7. The communist leader laughed and said, “No, I didn’t mean it that way. But isn’t it true that we are getting the money we paid as taxes.”

8. I replied, “Sure. Our Chief Ministers and Prime Ministers cannot give doles to the public from their own pocket. But you keep saying our taxes, our taxes. How much tax do you actually pay? Do you pay more to the govt or take more from the govt?”

9. I spoke very politely so the communist leader agreed to listen to my arguments. I asked, “Do you have a BPL (below poverty line) Ration Card?” He said he was in the BPL category.
10. I said: “Do you know how much free rice you get? 35 kg a month. That’s 420 kg per year the govt is giving you free. In ration shops you get the highest quality rice. So @ Rs 30 per kilo, you are getting Rs 12,600 worth of rice alone every year.”
11. You also get kerosene, wheat and sugar on your BPL card. Plus, there are several other small and big discounts and schemes. Do you have anyone above 60 years of age at home? The communist leader’s mother lived with him. “In that case, she gets around Rs 12,000 every year.”

12. When you calculate the money and goods this communist leader and his family get from the Central Govt, it amounts to around Rs 40,000 annually. “So what are you giving back to the govt?”

13. He had a 900 square feet home and paid Rs 200 house tax per year. He paid land tax @ just Rs 3 per year because land tax is very low in Kerala. So Rs 203 is the money he pays in taxes.
14. “So when you take Rs 40,000 from the govt and give Rs 203 in return, why are you arrogantly repeating our taxes, our taxes? Do you know who makes up for the shortfall of 39,797?” The communist leader became completely silent.

15. I told him the taxes paid by the public are not enough to run the country. You and I are a net loss for the govt. Instead, corporates and capitalists like Adani, Ambani, Tata and Birla are the ones who actually feed and rear us.
16. You have a particular book that teaches hatred of Adani and Ambani. A treatise that teaches hatred of the prosperous. The Ambani you hate contributes 5% of India’s total taxes. Together, large corporates contribute 25% of total taxes. (NOTE: the book is Marx's Das Kapital)
17. The corporate taxes are paying for the rice, sugar, kerosene, wheat and lentils you get from the ration shop. So even if you don’t respect these corporates, you have no right to criticise them. Because Bharat has always treated and revered the prosperous like God.
18. Bharat is full of the temples of the Vaishya or Lord Kubera. Not everyone can create wealth. Complete equality is not possible. Even communist countries could not establish complete equality nor could they create wealth.
19. Pick 10 random people, give them Rs 1 crore each and ask them what they can do with the money in a year. Do you think they would all become billionaires after a year? Some may. Some would turn Rs 1 crore into Rs 2 crore. Others would fall into poverty.
20. You cannot create complete equality by paying people. If someone says he wants to build a mansion like Ambani or Adani, it is not practical.
21. Hearing my arguments, the communist leader said: “All these years I have hated prosperous people, and called them names. It’s therefore an eye-opener to know that it is the taxes paid by Adani, Ambani, Tata and Birla that allowed me and my family to survive.”
22. Moral: without studying and understanding the facts, don’t hate people. This is the minimum we should do as citizens. If we can’t give respect, at least let’s not criticise. "Ambani and Adani are our enemy" is taught by a particular book.
23. But no, they are not our enemy. Rather, Ambani creates wealth within the country and prevents wealth from leaking out of the country.
24. Ambani’s Jio has made life easier for people. It is after Jio arrived that mobile plans came down from Rs 1,900 to Rs 230 for unlimited calls. Dhirubhai Ambani’s son not only prevents the drain of wealth from India, he brings income from several countries to India.
25. When a single company contributes 5% of India’s revenues, the protection and preservation of such a company is the duty of the ruling establishment. This we must understand. We must also understand that giving respect to the prosperous is the Dharma of Bharat.

Vande Mataram
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