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Publication: Threadreaderapp.com
Date: December 14, 2022
URL:      https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1602676167857012736.html?s=03

1. The buildup of the 9th December at #ThangLa started around last week of November 2022 when the frequency of face-offs in the sector spiked suddenly.

Battalion Commanders alarmed by the sudden increase in sightings of #PLA patrols in their AOR quietly reinforced their flanks.
2. Alert troops at posts overlooking known PLA ingress positions with HHTI (Hand Held Thermal Imagers) reported large body of PLA troops forming up using the fog as cover.

SITREP at 6am on 9th December 2022 was sent to Brigade HQ and QRTs placed strategically were mobilized.

3. The PLA which had conducted a detailed headcount of the number of troops at Thang La was confident that they would be able to overwhelm the the 50 odd troops with a 6:1 superiority.Unknown to them IA QRTs which had moved in from the rear echelons were already in position.

4. As the battalion sized force of the PLA attempted to surround Thang La , the IA troops at Thang La formed a human chain around the post to deter the large PLA.A lot of cursing , pushing ensued with soldiers from both sides grappling bulky winter clothing.

5. Taking advantage of the chaos PLA troops at the rear armed with tasers , spiked clubs & monkey gloves moved towards the front to surprise the IA troops.All of this was being quietly observed by the IA Command Post which quickly radioed multiple QRTs to reinforce Thang La.

6. The successive chain of events is described here :



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