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The Kerala Story: Not a Propaganda but reality behind Hindu and Christian girls joining Islamic State

Author: Vikrant Singh
Publication: OnlyFact.in
Date: May 4, 2023
URL:     https://onlyfact.in/the-kerala-story-not-propaganda-movie-love-jihad/

The much-anticipated trailer for Sudipto Sen’s film ‘The Kerala Story’ was released on April 26th, 2023. As soon as the trailer for “The Kerala Story” hit the internet, the marriage of convenience between Islamists and communists came under the microscope. It will be interesting to see how they fare against “The Kerala Story.” However, they are doing quite well in terms of labelling the film as propaganda, an RSS-BJP plot to destroy Kerala, fascism, and so on. You know the usual rants, right?

However, in a span of one week, I will tell you how the Islamists reacted towards it, they activated their global cabal, they started Twitter trends, popular politicians are rallying their support against the movie, and they even knocked the gates of the Supreme Court of India. Can you believe this? So-called champions of freedom of speech are giving arguments to strangle freedom of speech and smother artistic freedom.

This article, on the other hand, will examine the callousness of Indian Islamists and liberals, as well as how they conveniently used the anguish and sufferings of young girls to feed their propaganda. I’ve included some tweets below to demonstrate the level of their callousness.

Muhammed Zubair was one of the first to react and call the movie propaganda. He fact-checked the feature film.
Mohammed Zubair @zoo_bear

Hindutva activist Kajal Hindustani & others promoted 'The Kerala Story' claiming it's 'based on true events'. However, the claim made in the film's teaser & by the director that 32k women from Kerala had joined IS is baseless | @shinjineemjmdr @ArchitMeta

'32000 Kerala women in ISIS': Misquotes, flawed math, imaginary figures behind filmmaker's claim -...
The trailer of a movie titled ‘The Kerala Story’ was released on April 26. Soon after this, multiple Twitter users shared it urging people to watch the movie. Hindutva activist... https://t.co/0E0Fhke95I

Apr 26, 2023

Another tweet was from a foreign Islamist stooge, Abdulla Almadi, ‘The closer the election date, the more offensive propaganda against Islam & Muslims increase in India. Two movies promote Hindutva terror The Kerala story offends the Muslim women of Kerala. TheKashmirFiles another hate propaganda.’
د.عـبدالله العـمـادي @Abdulla_Alamadi

The closer the election date, the more offensive propagandas against Islam & Muslims increases in India.
Two movies promote hindutva terror #TheKeralaStory offends the Muslim women of Kerala, the first Indian city that Islam reached. #TheKashmirFiles another hate propaganda.
Image Image

May 1, 2023

Shashi Tharoor wrote, “It may be *your* Kerala story. It is not *our* Kerala story.”
Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor

It may be *your* Kerala story. It is not *our* Kerala story.

Apr 30, 2023

A Communist party (M) politician, Thomas Isaac, made scathing remarks, ‘This is not our story. Kerala’s story is one of religious tolerance and secularism. The film Kerala Story is yet another desperate attempt by Sangh Parivar to polarise society. The film propagates outright lies that 32000 women in order to join ISIS converted to Islam through love jihad.’
Thomas Isaac @drthomasisaac

This is not our story. Kerala story is one of religious tolerance and secularism.The film Kerala Story is yet another desperate attempt of sangh parivar to polarise society by propagating outright lies such as 32000 women have  been recruited to ISIS through love jihad in Kerala.

Apr 30, 2023

Along with him, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan ridiculed the film and described it as an effort to spread propaganda and foster hatred.

After watching the trailer, you will get the idea that The Kerala Story is about forced religious conversion and alleges that about 32,000 women in Kerala were converted to Islam, and many were sent to ISIS-ruled Syria when the terror organisation was at its pinnacle of dominance.

By this point, you may be wondering whether ‘The Tragedy of Kerala Women’ is an outright lie or misinformation, or if there is a kernel of truth in the whole movie. We will soon discover the answer.

Fact Check

We started our work with a simple Google search with relevant keywords like, “conversion girls ISIS Kerala.”  After combing through various news articles, one, in particular, caught our eye. Kerala Kaumudi quoted Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan as saying, “Of the 100 Malayalis who had joined ISIS till 2019, 72 went abroad for professional purposes and became attracted to ISIS ideas from there and joined the organization.”

This article gave us the idea that there is indeed a sinister ploy at work in Kerala, which inspired us to dig deeper to unravel the truth.

Upon looking further, we found that two issues are festering together. 1- Love Jihad 2- Recruitment to ISIS. Both of these diseases are related to each other – for recruitment into ISIS, the love jihad is an essential part. However, first, we will burst the bubble that liberals have created- the sanctity of Kerala. To puncture this agenda, we will show instances of Kerala girls joining ISIS. And then we will show the rampant religious conversions going on in the state of Kerala and how the communist government turned a blind eye.

In 2021, Congress parliamentarian from Kerala Shashi Tharoor tweeted that, he had been approached by Kerala mothers whose daughters were struck in Afghanistan after having been taken there by their misguided husbands. Recently, Tharoor said that he was aware of four such cases. However, Tharoor downplayed the misery of four girls by citing the numbers shown in a “feature film”.
Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor

Many are spreading this 2021 tweet of mine as if it undermines my present objections to the trailer & publicity for "The Kerala Story". Yes, I was approached then by three Kerala mothers and was aware of a fourth, and I was open about my concerns about their daughters'… Show more

sukajeevanam 🇮🇳 @mahadevanrajesh
Replying to @ShashiTharoor and @SalmanRushdie

May 2, 2023

In 2018, the story of Hadiya eclipsed the story of Nimisha. According to the Times of India, in a petition filed by Nimisha’s parents in the Supreme Court of India, it states that their daughter was lured into a relationship, abused, impregnated, forced to abort, and converted to Islam, only to be later discarded by her husband, Sajjad Rahman. By that time, Nimisha was living in the provinces under the control of ISIS in Afghanistan.

Along with Nimisha, four other girls fell victim to Love Jihad and ended up in terrorist camps. Their names are- Sonia Sebastian, Raffeala, and Merrin Jacob. Merin’s husband Bestin Vincent (Yahya), along with other three Islamic State (IS) sympathisers Arshid Qureshi (45) and Rizwan Khan (53) were the students of Radical Islam preacher Zakir Naik. Mumbai Police arrested Arshid and Rashid in 2016.

According to the reports from East Coast, “Mariyam and seven other Indian women have been detained by Afghanistan’s espionage agency, the National Directorate of Security. They were apprehended in November 2019, after Afghan forces retook the eastern province of Nangarhar from ISIS. She is one of the first reported Indian ISIS recruiters. In 2016, she joined IS with a group of roughly 20 other young people from Kerala’s Ernakulam area.”

Moreover, According to the Indian Express, “Several Indians have travelled to Iraq and Syria to fight alongside the IS, and about 100 of them have been arrested by the agencies either on their return from Syria or while preparing to join the fighters there. Many have also been arrested for preparing to attack India after being inspired by the IS.”

In a written reply to Parliament in 2019, then-Minister of State for Home Affairs G Kishan Reddy stated that “the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and state police forces have registered cases against ISIS operatives and sympathisers, and have arrested 155 accused from across the country so far.

According to the ORF research, the majority of India’s IS recruiters came from Kerala, which accounted for “40 of the 180 to 200 cases” across the country.

After reviewing numerous reports pertaining to this case, we went to the NIA website and searched for terms such as Kerala ISIS. There were at least a half-dozen reports concerning Kerala and ISIS. Mohammed Ameen, a native of Mallapuram, Kerala, was charged by the NIA. He has been running ISIS propaganda channels on numerous social media sites, including Telegram and Instagram. Through these channels, he was radicalising and recruiting. This is one of numerous NIA investigations into Kerala and ISIS.

Question: Is it propaganda to mention the fact that Muslim youth of Kerala are actively participating in terror activities? Are we fueling hatred? When we ask the communist government to wake up from slumber and take action against religious conversions.

Yes, religious conversions, aka “love jihad,”

Contrary to popular belief, the term Love Jihad first appeared in 2009, when Christian clergy at the Catholic Bishops Council claimed that their women were being enticed into conversion. S Achutanandan, CPIM leader and then Kerala CM, had spoken about the threat of Islamisation of Kerala.

He said “Kerala will turn into a Muslim-majority state in 20 years. They are using money and other inducements to convert people to Islam. They even marry women from outside their community to increase the Muslim population.”

According to the Economic Times, In 2009, Kerala High Court asked the government to frame laws to stop ‘ love Jihad.” The court said that during the last four years, 3000-4000 religious conversions had taken place after love affairs.

According to India Today, in 2012, the then Congress Chief Minister of Kerala, Oomen Chandy, said in a written reply that, a total of 7713 people converted to Islam during 2006-2012.

Before Islamists and their sycophants call this report another Hindutva propaganda, I must quote the Global Council of Indian Christians. Love Jihad in Kerala is part of the global Islamisation project,” said the Global Council of Indian Christians. In 2009 Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) stated that more than 2600 young Christian women had converted to Islam since 2006. KCBC’s Vigilance Commission for Social Harmony had called Christians to be on guard against the phenomenon. The Syro-Malabar Church, the world’s second-largest eastern Catholic church after the Ukrainian Church, issued a statement in January 2020 claiming that Christian girls are being “targeted and killed” in the name of “love jihad.“

After assimilating all the data, we come to two conclusions- First, the communist government of Kerala has fallen on deaf ears when it comes to the cases of love jihad. The result is rampant religious conversion in the state. Second, there is a wide gap between religious conversion and putting this deed into action. It means that due to the incompetence of the Vijayan government, the Islamists were able to convert the girls with the purpose of joining terrorist organizations, but they were unable to do so to the same extent as they had anticipated.

However, more than a few hundred managed to escape the discerning eyes of the NIA. As the report said, more than 100 people from Kerala have joined the ISIS. To put it simply, The Kerala Story is a film about thousands of gullible girls who were deceitfully converted to Islam with the purport to join terrorist outfits.

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It’s amazing to see how cold-hearted leftists are. They’re using a movie number to gauge the predicament of young girls and their families. There is no disputing that hundreds of Keralites have joined the most lethal terrorist organisations. There is simply no avoiding the unpleasant reality that governments in Kerala, regardless of political affiliation, granted complete leeway to terrorists masquerading as lovers.


The Kerala Story is a propaganda movie made by Hindutava terrorists to defame Islam

Claimed by

Abdulla Almadi, Zubair, Shashi Tharoor and many others

Fact Check


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