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Shashank Mattoo @MattooShashank

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Date: September 9, 2023
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The G20 Summit is over

The bottom line?

India got pretty much everything it wanted

Here's everything India achieved in 10 tweets

1⃣. Consensus on Ukraine

This was THE issue that was going define how the world saw India's stewardship of the G20

That's because the grouping was divided on the Ukraine war

While Russia and China wanted to avoid discussion on Ukraine, Western nations wanted to condemn Russia
This issue has blocked consensus throughout 🇮🇳's G20 Presidency

Had Delhi failed to achieve consensus and release a joint declaration, the G20 summit may have been described as a failure

Eventually, a compromise was brokered that significantly toned down criticism of Russia
It was widely accepted (including by me) that India would be unable to forge a consensus on Ukraine

We were wrong

Delhi managed to get a joint declaration which will go down as THE big takeaway from this summit

It will prove beneficial to India's diplomatic reputation

2⃣. African Union becomes G20 member

The 55-nation AU became a member of the G20 today

This was a significant move for India, which has try to project itself as a Voice of the Global South

New Delhi can now concretely point to its record of pushing developing country concerns

3⃣. Economics

Two major things stand out: debt relief and reform of international institutions

On debt, poor countries have been struggling since the COVID-19 pandemic with high debt levels

Efforts to work together & bail them out (including by the G20) have been slow

India managed to speed up this process by getting consensus to help new countries like Ghana, Zambia and Ethiopia

The major story was also reform of institutions like World Bank & IMF

Experts have called for them to lend more money for climate change & to help poor nations
At this G20 Summit, countries agreed to consider major recommendations to reform these global institutions

This will allow them to spend billions on global priorities over the next decade

Besides this, progress on highly complex global tax reforms also took place

4⃣. Technology

First, countries agreed to consider regulations on cryptocurrencies given the threat they pose to the stability of the financial system

Second, India successfully pushed Digital Public Infrastructure (basically Aadhar, UPI) as a means of financial inclusion
This is expected to help India to export its homemade tech solutions across the developing world

This further boosts its international reputation as a provider of global solutions

5⃣. Climate Change

The India-led Global Biofuel Alliance was also launched today

The goal: To "take an initiative at a global-level to take ethanol blending in petrol up to 20%"

This is part of India's larger clean energy push & will help boost 🇮🇳's image abroad
Thanks for reading this!


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