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Why this war against Sanatana Hindu Dharma?

Author: Maria Wirth
Publication: Hinduexistence.org
Date: September 12, 2023
URL:    https://hinduexistence.org/2023/09/12/a-declaration-of-war-against-sanatana-hindu-dharma/

Eradication of Sanatana: Is this a declaration of war on Hindus and their Dharma?

It’s finally out in the open even within India and Hindus must not ignore it: the call to eradicate Sanatana Dharma. The attitude “Sanatana Dharma is eternal. Nobody can eradicate it” is dangerous. True, the eternal Dharma, the knowledge about what is right in a given situation, cannot be eradicated. But look at the pitiful conditions of Hindus in Pakistan or Afghanistan! This fate must not befall Hindus in India, or humanity will lose its last beacon of light.

What has happened? 

Udhayanidhi Stalin, a minister in Tamil Nadu and son of the present CM, stated what the Church, the Islamic clergy and the Leftists dream about since centuries. And he is not alone. The conference, where he spoke was titled “Eradicating Sanatana Dharma”. This title might have gone unnoticed, if Stalin had not used a comparison.

He compared Sanatana Dharma with malaria or dengue, which need to be eradicated. When he was pulled up for his comment, he incredibly defended himself saying that he didn’t ask for a genocide of Hindus, as if he deserved praise for this omission.

Why does he want to eradicate Sanatana Dharma?

Is he so ignorant about Sanatana Dharma? Does he not know that only Sanatana Dharma claims that the essence in all humans is one and the same and in fact divine? Does he not know that the Vedas and Upanishads, the foundational texts of Sanatana Dharma, not only were highly revered in Asia but inspired philosophers and scientists also in the West? That most modern theories for example in quantum physics are based on Vedic knowledge?

Does he not know that only Sanatana Dharma is inclusive of ALL humanity and genuinely proclaims “Vasudhaivam Kutumbakam” (the world is one family)? The Abrahamic religions in contrast divide humanity into those who belong to their religion and those who don’t. Those who don’t are considered as not equal, and even as subhuman.

Does he not know that the so-called caste system, which he seems to wrongly equate with Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism, has been cemented by the British into a hierarchical structure? And that the British declared certain tribes even as “criminal from birth”?

Does he not know that the Vedic varna system is an ideal structure for any society? That all four varnas are absolutely necessary for a harmonious society?

The Vedas compare the four varnas with a body: Brahmins are compared to the head, Kshatriyas to the arms, Vaishyas to the thighs and Shudras to the feet. Does this imply that the head should be respected and the feet should be treated badly? Of course not.

Yet it needs to be mentioned and called out that there is indeed discrimination in Indian society:

I noticed this ‘looking down on other Indians’ first in 1980, when I was new in India. I was in a train which was about to leave. A well-dressed man came in late with a porter carrying his luggage. Instead of paying him, he sent him off to fill his water bottle. The porter rushed out and after he came back with the full bottle, the train started moving. The man SLOWLY took out his purse, gave him some money and the porter rushed to the door and sprang off.

I had no idea whether the porter was Brahmin or Shudra or what the ‘gentleman’ was. I hardly knew anything about India. But I felt his cold-hearted attitude towards the porter was the legacy of the British colonial masters. Only later I came to know that there is indeed a caste system in India based on who speaks English well and who not. Those who speak it well, get higher paid jobs and consider themselves superior to the ‘masses’.

Such attitude happens even today. Indians didn’t realise that the British officers who behaved so condescendingly, couldn’t behave like this in their own country. They did it in India to show their disdain for the heathen ‘natives’. Did the Indians who took over the administration from the British consider this as the required behavior to get ‘respect’ from their subordinates?

I noticed also that many Indians don’t use the polite form of ‘you’ when they deal with those ‘lower’ than them. Now all this has nothing to do with the Vedic structure of society but is a remnant from the British.

In the Vedic varna system, ideally there is no looking down on others, as all kind of jobs need to be done for the well-being of society. The structure is not hierarchical, but horizontal. So why did I learn already in primary school in Germany that India has a ‘terribly oppressive caste system and untouchables’?

The reason was that the Church had to counteract the great appreciation of Indian wisdom in the 18 and 19th century in the West and its method was to tell children: “Imagine, those arrogant Brahmins don’t take water from lower castes, they even don’t touch them, because they consider them unclean. How absolutely terrible!”

One can debate about these cleanliness rules, but to demand elimination of the highly beneficial Sanatana Dharma due to those rules, is incredible hypocrisy. Not touching somebody who eats meat is portrayed as far more cruel than torturing and killing millions of humans only because they don’t believe in a certain book. The colossal sins of the two Abrahamic religions and of the communists against humanity are hardly ever mentioned, but the Indian ‘caste system’ makes it into the curriculum and to the TV channels.

But why are especially politicians in South India attacking Sanatana Dharma and Brahmins?

The reason may be that Christian missionaries have big plans for full Christianization there, supported by their fake story that Thomas the Apostle had landed in Kerala in the 1. Century and was killed by ‘wily Brahmins’ in what is now Chennai. Brahmins are an obstacle as they keep the knowledge of the Vedas alive. They are literally the head of Sanatana Dharma, which they want to cut off.

If Brahmins are impoverished or driven out of the country, the missionaries have much better chances to convert and ‘eradicate Sanatana Dharma’.

And here we have a connection with Udhayanidhi Stalin.

In November 2022 Stalin announced that he is a proud Christian though I don’t know why he was proud. About the history of the Church which killed millions in the name of Christ, including in India? Or proud about the doctrine, which claims that the true God allows only Christians into heaven and sends Hindus eternally into hell?

He should clarify, but won’t, because he cannot find a good reason to be proud and it seems, recently he went already back to declaring that he is an atheist.

Yet it is important for Hindus to realise that they and their eternal Dharma, which is the basis for humanity, is under heavy attack even from within Bharat.

Sanatana Dharma is dangerous for those who want full control of humanity, because it makes so much sense and empowers people. Those people, who pull the strings of puppets like Udhayanidhi Stalin, want the knowledge that the Divine is within everyone, to be forgotten. They want to cut humans off from their divine roots. Yuval Noah Harari, who is hyped as a great philosopher and speaks at the World Economic Forum, WEF, claims there is no soul or God. Is Hinduism now openly attacked, because it is gaining strength in the recent years? The huge crowds at the Satsangs of Bageshwar Dham Maharaj may worry them.

So the call to eradicate Hinduism was given by the two exclusive religions since long, but so far ignored by Hindus. Now, when politicians also join in, it looks like a declaration of war, and can’t be ignored.

In the Puranas, ancient wars between Devas and Asuras are described. Asuras were sometimes given boons and they looked invincible, but ultimately, the Devas always won… but not without a fight.
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