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The Emissary @TheEmissaryCo

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Date: January 15, 2023
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There is a churn happening in American society surrounding one of its most successful minorities - Indian Americans.

Gas station owners & Dunkin Donuts clerks are now transitioning into Tech CEOs & politicians at an alarming rate for some folks.

A backlash is forming
I'll preface this by saying an overwhelming amount of Americans seem to either admire or pay no special mind to Indian Americans.

The issue is at the edges of the political spectrum: Among the far-right and far-left.

The Far-Right cannot fathom how a country with an average of 82 IQ is pumping out people who are now their bosses and in leadership positions.

Their image of India is of subhuman folks shitting in streets, worshiping animals, and usual pejoratives towards heathen brown folks.

"You will not replace us!" is now being extended to Indian Americans. There is a genuine fear of seeing brown people, those they consider genetically & inherently inferior to them, outcompete them.

How jarring must it be to have people who you see as inferior, overtake you?

So they cope by labeling every successful Indian as a privileged Brahmin no matter their original class or caste.

Right Wingers who lambast the NYT & WP for being woke brainwashing camps will immediately believe & cite them when these papers attack India and Indian Americans.

This brings us to the other end, & an end that is much more broad & influential: the Far Left.

The Far Left has huge institutional heft across media, academia, NGOs, etc... They are the Cathedral.

And they despise these uppity Indian Americans who defy their archetypal minority

In the face of "crushing white supremacy," Indian Americans have become the highest-earning ethnic group (not counting Jewish Americans)

They also, unlike many other ethnic groups, provide a visible challenge in professions that white liberals dominate - tech, law, medicine, etc

They have broken the bamboo ceiling & are planting seeds at the top with kids who are also excelling.

They beat them in school admissions even in the face of affirmative action that actually now helps whites. Indian parents challenge the attack on meritocracy in grade schools.
Many are members of a religion that has historical issues with the far left's favorite religion, Islam. And they share that religion, Hinduism, with homeland Indians who keep voting in a government that claims to wear Hinduism on their sleeve in the face of Islamic extremism.

To top it all off, the Far Left has many Indian Americans who are willing to throw their own under the bus. They want to "out White Liberal" the White Liberals so they attack fellow Indian Americans.

Many Indian Americans, just like many Indians themselves are race traitors.

They pan on about "caste discrimination" amongst kids who can't even pronounce their own names right, they guilt other Indian Americans about "privilege" when many of their immigrant parents came here with nothing, they trash India & Indians for social proof & cred.

Both groups are threatened by Indian American success, prominence, & defiance of the usual archetype of a minority: being either visibly oppressed, visibly meek, or especially - visibly inferior

The Indian American seizes the American Dream. Something they absolutely can't stand

Stupidest responses to above thread are about privilege

Conveniently ignored is much of Indian immigration from the 60s-90s was via chain

Many of these folks came from objectively worse economic backgrounds than the poorest Americans & are literally stunted due to malnutrition.

The Emissary @TheEmissaryCo

I've come across this notion multiple times: that all Indian-Americans are the progeny of immigrants who came to America with silicon laced gold bricks in their mouths and a platinum high-caste thread around their shoulder.

Being Gujarati, this is a patently hilarious notion.

Dec 20, 2020

I've come across this notion multiple times: that all Indian-Americans are the progeny of immigrants who came to America with silicon laced gold bricks in their mouths and a platinum high-caste thread around their shoulder.

Being Gujarati, this is a patently hilarious notion.

I've watched people in my Gujarati-American community (Overwhelmingly not Brahmin but also including Brahmins) slave away doing menial jobs at restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, etc...

From scrubbing dishes to counting dollar bills and in between the same day.

From "may I take your order" to ordering fully loaded Teslas all within 5 years. Busting their ass in between maintaining family life.

Woke Diaspora don't know shit about the hustle of the West & will find any & every excuse to put down their own.
The sheer level of saffron tinged white guilt I see from these people is lol. They really wanna be oppressed and the oppressor at the same time. Just due to their skin color and last name, they feel they can speak as the voice for a billion people and millennia old civilization.

Even as a non-Brahmin, it is intensely annoying seeing the scorn many of these people (who are Brahmin themselves) smear and slander against Brahmins and"Brahminism." It is honestly so strange to see, and I know it's all a cloak to attack Hinduism.
Attacking specific "Brahmin" things like vegetarianism, innocent Hindu rituals performed by ALL castes, general Hindu practices, etc... as a Brahminical conspiracy.

I know it's not about Brahmins because the objects of their attacks aren't exclusively or overwhelmingly Brahmin.

And guess what - if the immigrant was well off and high caste, who cares?! There are so many other communities who send the most affluent or well-positioned people in their society to America!

Let's celebrate Indian-American excellence, not shit on it.
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