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Date: May 25, 2024
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Ambedkar in Rajya Sabha, 1955:

“ I said that I wanted to burn the Constitution.. The reason is this: We built a temple for god to come in and reside, but before the god could be installed, if the devil had taken possession of it, what else could we do except destroy the temple?” 1/n

“We did not intend that it should be occupied by the Asuras. We intended it to be occupied by the Devas. That’s the reason why I said I would rather like to burn it.”

- Dr BR Ambedkar in the Rajya Sabha on 19 March 1955. But who was Ambedkar calling “asuras”, and why? 2/n

Ambedkar was opposing the 4th amendment to the constitution, by which the right to due compensation on acquisition of property by govt was taken away and put out of judicial review. This amendment was used by Cong to enrich themselves and their favourite businessmen. 3/n

Clearly, Ambedkar was calling Nehru and the congress “asuras” for distorting and damaging the constitution which was a temple made for the gods - the people. And that’s why it is hilarious when these asuras pretend to be the custodians of the same constitution.

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