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  1. What is the essence of Hinduism? What does tolerance mean?

  2. What is the essence of Christianity?

  3. If people convert due to spiritual reasons, should there be any objection?

  4. Hinduism is a pluralistic philosophical concept. Why should there be an objection to conversions?

  5. If Hinduism believes in "Sarva Dharma Samabhava", why is there an objection to conversion?

  6. Is there a legal right to convert?

  7. What are the objections to conversions?

  8. How do Christians react when members of their religions convert to another.

  9. Should not one distinguish between the various Christian sects?

  10. It is said that after the meeting of Vatican Council II in the late 1960s, there is a change in the exclusivist thinking of the Catholic church.

  11. So many of the intellectuals have gone through missionary schools, and there does not seem to be any attempt to convert them.

  12. Why do Christian missionaries undertake social service?

  13. If someone does a benefit to me, in terms of undertaking a social service, what is wrong with it being used as a vehicle for conversion?

  14. What is wrong with receiving foreign funds for service activity, since they come as a grant and there is no outflow for repayment?

  15. Why do Hindu organisations not do social service, as a counter measure to what the Christians have done?

  16. Does Christianity use force to convert the people today?

  17. Does Christianity today use inducements and fraud to convert people?

  18. Since the Christian population is only 2.3% of the total , how does Christianity become a threat to India?

  19. The share of the Christian population in the country has come down by 0.3% over the last ten years. Does this not prove that there is no conversion?

  20. If the issue of conversions is to deal with the attitude of the churches, why is the Christian community being targeted?

  21. There has been violence against Christians in Gujarat. What are the reasons for it?

  22. Please tell us about the letter given to the Prime Minister by a Sarvodaya leader working in Dangs.

  23. Please comment on the rape of nuns at Jhabua.

  24. What are your views on the burning of the foreign missionary in Orissa, along with his two young sons?

  25. Is there any concerted plan to attack missionaries?

  26. Has the issue of the attacks on Christians been politicised? If so, why?

  27. Has the issue of attacks on Christians been internationalised? If so, why?

  28. Is it only in India that Christians are being attacked?

  29. Why should violence be resorted to even as a provocation? Are there no legal remedies?

  30. Have there been attempts to have bills to regulate conversions? What is the view of the Christians towards such bills?

  31. Please give the summary of the recommendations of The Niyogi Committee Report On Christian Missionary Activities, 1956.

  32. Some of the reported incidents of attacks on Christians have turned out to be without any basis. Why has this happened?

  33. Are only Hindutvavadis concerned about conversions?

  34. The tribals are said to be animists and not Hindus. Is the reconversion programme not an attempt to create a homogenised (in the wrong sense of the word) Hindu society?

  35. What about the Hindu temples that are coming up in the Christian countries?

  36. While many Hindus complain about the conversion activities of the Christians, they have no hesitation of sending their children to their schools.

  37. Is it true that the number of people going to church in the Christian countries is declining?

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