Hindu Vivek Kendra

Indian Council for Historical Research

ICHR was set up in the 1970s for the purposes which is clear in the name. However, as has been the practice with the intellectuals in India, it soon became another body for dispensing patronage by the leftists, particularly the Marxist variety. Of course, these leftists/Marxists have always hidden their political inclination except in some academic circles. The general impression that was given to the public was that they were unbiased academics.

With the change in the government at the center, new members were nominated to the ICHR, since the term of the old ones had expired. Some of these people had projected a non-Marxist view point of the history. Since the Marxists saw that they were losing the control of another body, a controversy was sought to be created. The series of articles in this section exposes the programme of the Marxists. It is typical of the way they have been behaving not only in the recent past, but also for a long time. These series should also be looked at in conjunction with the article "A Frustrating Dialogue with the Academics", to give an example of the way issues relating to India are presented.

Articles on Indian Council for Historical Research

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