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Secularism: Indian Istyle

Lot of Hindu bashing is going on recently under the garb of Secularism in India. To give a correct picture here are some facts, figures and opinions.

1. When Shri Y B Chavan was Home Minister he collected data of 23 major communal riots occurred after independence. The truth came out showed that out of 23 major riots, 22 were started by Muslims. Though one exceptional riot was not started by Hindus, there was no conclusive proof that it was started by Muslims. The recent communal riots in Gujarat were also started by Muslims. To keep their tradition in tact thereafter, the communal riots in Akola and Kalyan (Maharashtra) were also started by Muslims.

2. Muslims do not require majority to start a riot. If they have sizable pockets of even 10 per cent, they start riots. When they have a majority, they totally wipe out the other community as they have done in Kashmir by crushing lakhs of Hindus. Invariably in all these riots more Hindus die than the Muslims. Hindus are killed by the Muslims by starting the riots and then again Hindus are killed in police firing when they try to retaliate. In recent communal riots in Gujarat in fortunately for the secularists more Muslims died than the Hindus. That is why there is so much hue and cry. According to the secularists all riots should be on Kashmir Pattern. That is for one death of a Muslim at least 100 Hindus must die in communal riots. That is secularism- Indian- Istyle. English media is playing a leading role in this secular game. And in that too among the print media The Times of India and among the electronic media Star News. Tops. Later Girilal Jain was an exception. Sometimes I wonder whether am I living in India or Pakistan?

3. But this phenomenon is not akin to India alone. Wherever there is Islam there is fundamentalism. Whether it is Algeria, Azarbaizan, Bosnia, Britain, Germany, Morroco, Phillipines, Somalia, or our neighbour Pakistan - the Macca of terrorism. After killing all Hindus, now in Pakistan they are killing comparatively progressive sects like Shias and Ahmedias. As if without killing Islam cannot survive.

4. Secularists use pet phrases like 'Secular Muslim' or 'Hindu Fundamentalist'. Both these concepts are ridiculous. For the simple reason that a Muslim ceases to be a Muslim the moment he becomes secular and a Hindu ceases to be a Hindu the moment he becomes fundamentalist. If there are exceptions like Hamid Dalvai in the past and Muzzafar Hussain at present that prove the rules. What are the traits of a secular person? Firstly, he should be tolerant, secondly, he should be pluralist, thirdly, he should have respect for other faiths too, fourthly, he should be democratic, fifthly, he should be first an Indian and a humanitarian then anything else. All these traits are conspicuously absent in a Muslim and present in a Hindu.

5. The attack on WTC on 11/9/2001 in USA shocked the whole world. I was not shocked. But it surprised me because I expected it to happen in the 20th century not in the 21st century. I went abroad in 1975, where I came in contact with some members of the Pan Islamic movement. The information I gathered from them was horrible. According to them their network is spread throughout the world, their enemy No. one is Christianity and the states governed by people of Christian faith, because they are very powerful and rich and main threat to Islam. This Pan Islamic Movement is funded by all and sundry who have faith in Islam - from underworld to Muslim Celebrities to ordinary Muslims. Their Cadres come from Mdrassas. They have the capacity to destroy the whole world, but that is their last weapon, first they wanted to convert the whole world into Islamic faith. (To me both these things - to convert the world into Islamic faith or destroy it are one and the same thing).

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