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Silencing in the name of moral compass

Author: Ashok Chowgule

Publication: Hindu Vivek Kendra

Date: July 29, 2014

URL: http://hvk.org/specialarticles/silen/silen.html


One of the senior anchors of the news channel Headlines Today, Gaurav Sawant was “forced” to delete some of his tweets where he questioned the hypocrisy of the mainstream media when it came to reporting “communal” behaviors of different religious group.
Following is a tweet that were posted by him:

Guarav C Secular Science as dangerous as communal violence! Covering up sins of one & highlighting crimes of other ‘seculars’ is playing with fire
27 July 2014.

He followed it up with three other tweets:
1.  That explains the secular silence on Saharanpur riots.  Roze par roti becomes headlines but Roe par riots doesn’t.

2.   When an IT professional was killed in Pune we screamed about his religion.  Why is the religion of those in Saharanpur a state secret?

3.  National crisis when a roze-dar is force fed a roti but no issue when Roze-dars gather outside a place of religious worship & riots start?

Gauravji deleted these three tweets.  There was a lot of speculation about why this happened.  However, after these tweets, one of the sentinels of the gate of secularism, Rajdeep Sardesai, tweeted:
Reading tweets of a senior TV reporter, truly fear the profession has lost its moral compass. Wake up before its too late folks.
Of course, Rajdeepji does not disclose the name of the person who has lost his moral compass.  But the commentators on his tweet named Gauravji as the ‘culprit’.  And Rajdeepji has not denied that this is the person he was referring to.
In any case, does Rajdeepji’s tweet not indicate that he has taken on a role of a censor?  And he claims that he had to leave IBN, due to fear of censorship by the new bosses, Reliance Industries of Mukesh Ambani.
If anyone has lost his moral compass, it is Rajdeep himself.  This is particularly the case since he has not disclosed who he is referring to.  The tweet indicates that he has not lost his own arrogance.

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