Hindu Vivek Kendra
Secularism Extra-Ordinary 

by Ramen Bando

Published by
Sahitya Porishad,
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A victim of peculiar secularism in India

(Pujaniya Harisadhan Babaji was burnt alive by the Muslims for a Crime (!) of reciting Bhagawat Geeta in his own temple in Jaynagar, West Bengal, India)


The booklet SECULARISM EXTRA-ORDINARY by Ramen Bando is a goldmine of invaluable information on the current state of affairs in the so-called secular India.

The author has painstakingly collected information from various sources, vital to the survival of India, as it is. That in spite of the creation of Pakistan and Islamic Bangladesh, the current leaders have failed to notice the slow but sure Islamization of the Hindu society, set in motion so cleverly by Jawaharlal first and then by Indira, the wife by nikah of one Firoz Khan, abetted by the Mahatma (who had suggested to change the name Khan to Gandhi by an affidavit in order to fool the Hindu public), is indicative of the serious ignorance Indian public suffer from.

It is often said that 'ignorance is weakness' and 'self-inflicted ignorance is suicide'; our people should therefore enlighten themselves of the Islamic ethos, of Jehad, the Sharia', the Tabligh, etc. so widely practised in Islam, not counting slavery of the 'kafir', polygamy, talaaq, qur'ah and so on.

The entire Hindu society is thankful to the author for having taken the trouble to dig out Islamic 'truths' for the information of the non-Mohammedans in the country, whose forbears had already paid a heavy price under the Mohammedan sultanates for the last several centuries. Time has come to cry 'halt' to the savagery of the followers of Mohammed of Arabia.

A. Ghosh,
March 9, 1997.

Writer's Note

The reader must realise that the author had used the invaluable works and publications of his compatriots whose hearts are bleeding for the cause of Mother India. I regret, the list is long and I have no words to thank them enough. My only hope is that they treat this book with affection since this is only an effort to achieve the same object of serving the "dharma" of universal brotherhood. Bande Mataram!

Ramen Bando 
Sahitya Porishad.
P.O. Box. 10328.
London N 16, 8JE

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Prof. Jyotirmoy Ghosh. Msc. 

Physics Dept.
Maulana Azad College,

About the author

...... I knew Mr. Ramen Bando as an undaunted 'Bengal Volunteer' in his young days before Partition of India. We practised secularism in the true spirit & light of sacred culture & heritage of Hindustan (the then undivided India). But most Unfortunately, we had to receive our Independence from the British Rule through Partition of India on communal basis.

It shocked Ramen severely, so much so that he had a serious doubt if secularism could be practised in India; especially when a sizeable group of Indian people hold a religious faith which can defy the doctrines of Socialistic Democratic Republic in the name of freedom of religious faith & belief.

After a search in the basis of Islam at its grass-root-level, he is convinced that faith in Islam, as it is practised, goes against the doctrines of a Democratic Republic and even endangers the very existence of India.

His writings may provide a thought-provoking reading to those Indian Muslims who adore secularism in a multireligious Nation like India in the light of Socialistic, Democratic, Republican Norms & sacred culture and heritage of the Indian sub-continent.

Jyotirmoy Ghosh 
Sqn. Ldr. NCC. (Retired) 
No. 2 Bengal Air Squadron NCC,
Jadavpur University, 

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Vishva Hindu Parishad
Debol Mukhopdhyay
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H.S. Hiranyappa
P.S. Yog
Shiva Prasad Ray
B.R. Kurukshetra
Arun Bhattacharjee
Amitabha Ghosh

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Secularism Extra-Ordinary

A Hindu in Hindustan must ask, why a single Hindu will be killed, why a single Hindu woman will be raped, why a single Hindu household be destroyed, why a Hindu place of worship will be desecrated, why a Hindu will be forced to become a refugee in his own land of birth, why a Hindu will be forced to be converted to a barbarian and sectarian faith and has to hide from place to place from the wrath of Islam in Hindustan Why? WHY?

The secularism (!) in India as practised by our leaders is to be studied carefully keeping in mind the 'Teachings in Islam': Islam is the only right religion on the earth; all other religions are wrong, as such, non-Muslims are on the path of error.

2. It is the prime religious duty of every Muslim to convert every non-Muslim to Islam.

This effort has to be continuous and non-stop. This continuous non-stop effort is variously called as "Road to Behest", "Muslim struggle for Peace and Justice", "Jehad" and so on.

3.There are three stages of thus bringing peace and justice on this earth;

(i) Advice and inducement to non-Muslims to get converted to Islam, or at least to work for and under Islam.

(ii) Creating psychological demoralisation and confusion in the minds of non-Muslims.

(iii) Military attack on non-Muslims.

The historian Zia Barani describing a court scence of Alladdin Khilji with Qazi Mughisuddin says, "They (the Hindus) are called payers of tribute, and when the revenue officer demands silver from them they should without question and with all humility and respect, tender gold.... to keep the Hindus in abasement is specially a religious duty, because the prophet has commanded us to slay them, plunder them, and make them captive, saying convert them to Islam or kill them, enslave them and spoil their wealth and property..." (Zia Barani-Tarikh-Firoz Shahi vol 3; page 184).

The prophet said, "Gabriel came to me and gave me tidings: verily who died amongst your Ummat (followers) without associating anything with Allah would enter paradise." Abu Zarr asked whether it was true even if the man committed adultery and theft?". The prophet replied, "Yes, even if he committed adultery and theft".

Mohammad Ali, the Khilafat leader, said, "However pure Mr. Gandhi's character may be, he must appear to me, from the point of view of religion, inferior to any Mussalman even though he be without character ... yes! According to my religion and creed I do hold an adulterer and felon Mussalman to be better than Gandhi". 

*G.H. Jensen (Militant Islam; p 112): "...In redeeming, controlling and changing their education system in specifically Islamic direction amount to be greatest single achievement of militant Islam to date. A massive achievement it is, of long lasting import. If it has not been recognised as an aspect of militant Islam, this is only because it has been going on in separate countries over a space of years in inconspicuous shoolrooms and ministries of education. But this Islamisation of minds (and perhaps the hearts) of hundreds of millions (all over the world) of young Muslims is more truly militant and Islamic than the chopping off of hands".

Prof. Mushirul Huq (Islam in secular India-p 52): "The ulema has undoubtedly considerable influence through the institutions of Madrasah and Fatwa over Muslim public opinion; they can canalize it in whatever direction they will".

* Maulana Abdul Hasan Ali Nadvi quoted by Mushirul Huq: (Islam in secular India): "Your reading table is not the table of a public library. This is a madrasah table ... No book is to be found in our shelves, the reading of which makes a man mentally disturbed for weeks. No book should be read which creates doubt against those cherished ideals which are the foundation of our madrasas".

* Abdul Hasan Ali Nadvi : (The new menace and its answer p. 21) "A powerful Emperor like Akbar had resolved, so it did seem to all intents and purposes, to cast the subcontinent in the mould of paganism in opposition to Islam after it had remained for four hundred years under the benign shadow of Muslim Rule. (In rule of Ghazni, Ghori, Khiljis and Babar etc.)- Each successor of Akbar proved to be better than his predecessor till there came Aurangzeb on the throne whose reign constitutes a most glorious chapter in the annals of Islam and religious renovations. History, as you know, is always ready to repeat itself- it never tries to the process- the only thing is that there may be some force strong enough to turn its tide, and the only force which can bring back the golden era of Islam is the earnestness, the sagacity and the missionary zeal...".

Note: The Mussalmans and Jews of Medina formed a Nation in the time of prophet Mohammad. It did not last. Within two or three years this alliance fell apart. The Mussalmans deported some Jews and killed the rest".

Maulana Maududi (founder of Jamaat-e-Islami said in April 1939): "Islam and Nationalism are opposed to each other in spirit and objectives. Islam cannot flourish where Nationalism is and Nationalism has no place in Islam. Promotion of Nationalism means the end of Islam's progress, and Islam aims at destruction of Nationalism."

Obviously, one can belong to only one of the two. "Maulana Maududi's Islam is thus fundamentally opposed to the Constitution of India" (P S Yog- National Integration and Muslim minority. p8).

* M.K. Gandhi observe, 1. My own experience but confirms the opinion that the Mussalman as a rule is a bully and the Hindu as a rule is a coward.

2. In so far as the charge is correct, the Mussalmans take less interest because they do not yet regard India as their home of which they must feel proud. Many regard themselves, quite wrongly I think, as belonging to a race of conquerors" (Young India Apr 2, 1925)

The member of Islam-Jamaat, whose other name is Ummat-e-muslimeen, as soon as it comes into existence, start Jihad, to make efforts to extinguish the un-Islamic rule and to establish in its place a rule which is best described by the Koranic word Kalimutullah, i.e., establishment of Islamic Government and domination of Islam over other faiths"

The other school of progressive Muslims Jamait-e-Ulema chair Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madni (1940 session) observes, "it is most important to establish firmly an Islamic Government. The Jamaat-e-Ulemah has always strived towards this end. But alas! The real objective was not possible of achievement. Therefore the Jamaat co-operated with the Hindus in the struggle for Independence. Although independence thus achieved will not result in Islamic rule, but this will pave the way for the ultimate achievement of our true objective.

India is a Darul-Harb (Enemy country) from the day Muslim rule ended here" (Letter no 64 dated 1.11.1950). Again, "Till Islamic rule is established, it is the duty of the Mussalmans to continue to struggle to that end" (Letter dated 27.1.1972) 

* F K Khan Durrani (Meaning of Pakistan): "The creating of Pakistan was necessary as a base for conquering the rest of India".

Abul Kalam Azad 'a country like India, which has once been under the Muslim Rule, must be conquered back to Islam'. Evidently, contrary to common conviction, Azad is no exception to subscribers to this idea; this is the voice of most of the Muslim leaders in their idea of converting India to Islam by tenets of their sectarian faith.

* M.C. Chagla (Rose in December): "But one grievance, about which I feel deeply, arose from the indifference shown by the Congress, and even Mahatma Gandhi to the Muslim nationalists. Jinnah and his communal followings seemed all important - we counted for nothing" (Page 100).

"I have, therefore, often strongly disagreed with the Government policy of constantly harping upon minorities, minority status and minority rights. It comes in the way of national unity and emphasises the differences between the majority community and the minority. Of course, it may serve well as a vote catching device to win Muslim votes, but I do not believe in sacrificing national interests in order to get temporary party benefits such as getting a few more seats in certain constituencies" (page 84).

"I am horrified to find that in my country, while monogamy has been made the law for the Hindus, Muslims can still indulge in the luxury of polygamy. It is an insult to womanhood, and the Muslim women, I knew, resent this discrimination between Muslim women and Hindu women" (page 86)

FUNDAMENTALIST CONFERENCE PLEDGES Gobal Islamic Dominance (Organiser, 25.9.1994): A call to liberate all Muslim lands, including Kashmir and Israel from "Coffer Occupation" received frenzied foot-stamping applause from over 8,000 Muslims attending conference organised on August 7, in London by fundamentalist student group Hizb-ul-Tahrir.

The controversial gathering at Wembley Arena was addressed by several radical leaders from the Islamic world, all of whom demanded the immediate establishment of a global Islamic state and the restoration of the caliphate which was abolished after the First World War. A report on the proceedings of the conference in GUJARAT SAMACHAR (August 12, 1994) pointed out that such ambitions are outlawed in many Muslim countries which regard them as subversive.

One speaker from Jordan called for jihad or Holy War: "In order to create our system, you have to take some systems out. Islam will not co-exist with democracy. It is a supreme system to dominate over all other religions."

The crowd's, the majority of whom were youths, born and brought up in Britain, response to such statements, was at times near hysterical. 

The London conference believed to be the biggest gathering of Islamic extremists staged outside the Middle East has been regarded by many observers as throwing down the gauntlet to the western powers. At the end of the conference the organisers declared a series of resolutions which included the statement, "All international organisations such as the UN, the Security Council and the World Bank (may Allah curse them) are tools of the imperialists and hence are unacceptable to Muslims. We do not recognise any UN resolution".

After a press conference, Farid Kassim, spokesperson for Hirb-ul-Tahrir, speaking exclusively to GUJARAT SAMACHAR/ ASIAN VOICE said, he believed India to be essentially Muslim land. 'I hope that one day India will come under Muslim control.' *Rohit Ambekar, Zonal Co-ordinator of the National Hindu Students Forum (U.K.) said that Hindu students were becoming increasingly agitated at the disruptive and aggressive conduct of Hizb-ul-tahrir... It is about time some positive steps are taken before any untoward incident happens'.

Since Bangladesh has been declared as Islamic Republic, use of force to convert the Hindus is sanctioned by the hierarchy in gross violation of human rights.

It is a routine affair in villages in Bangladesh to present some newly converts to Islam in open meetings and feasts and then boasting that they have now found the true path and abandoned the wrong path of Hinduism. These converts are forcibly dictated to declare vociferously that the Hindu faith contained so many ills and evils and as such they had converted to Islam. These are witnessed in the very heart of Hindustan in open meetings and celebrations. No one is objecting to this anti-secular trend of conversion to a sectarian philosophy which is antagonistic to Hindu philosophy of universal mankind and eating away the very fabric of the Hindu culture, heritage and dharma. There is no machinery or movement amongst the Hindus to put an end to this regressive trend. The facts what we must know are the secrets about conversions to Islam: The Hindu and Sikh girls, including the members of the Hindu and Sikh families who had to flee under the cover of darkness leaving behind their ancestral homes and kith and kin killed by the Muslim Zealots in Pakistan and Bangladesh, are still haunted by these perpetrators of crime with extra zeal in foreign lands; I am quoting an intimate observation of a compatriot of mine explaining the truth about conversion:

'Islam is a totally missionary religion committed to making everyone a Muslim. According to the Koran the world is divided into 2 parts; Dar-al-salaam (Household of faith), a title which applies to all Islamic countries and Dar-al-Harb (Household of War-land not yet surrendered to Allah) which is the rest of the world. It is the duty of every Muslim to wage Jihad (holy war) against the Kafirs, infidels and unbelievers (what the Koran calls non-Muslims) and force them to submit to Islam. Violence against Kafirs is encouraged in the Koran, if gentle persuasion fails.

Conversion of Sikh and Hindu men is becoming an increasing problem, with hundreds of reported and verified conversions in the last few years. Dozens of cases were reported in October, 1995 alone, when the new academic year started at colleges and universities.

Though Hindu and Sikh girls are more vulnerable to conversion, a large number of Hindu and Sikh boys have also been converted. Universities of London, Bradford, and Luton are the main problem areas.

At the Hirb-ul-Tahrir (HuT) conference at the Wembley arena in August 1994, a Sikh girl was converted on stage in front of 8,000 cheering and clapping Muslims. The Sikh girl then proceeded to attack Sikhism making particularly offensive statement against Sikh Gurus. The audience laughed and continued to cheer. Some of the speech was televised on satellite TV and on the HuT's pirate radio station. The Muslim leaders in the conference called for an intensification of the campaign to bring Hindu and Sikh women to Islam. The same thing happened in the HuT's 'Rally for Islam' conference in Trafalgar Square, in August 1995. This time, 2 Hindu women were converted on stage in front of 2,000 cheering Muslims. Again, the Muslim leaders demanded that Muslim boys try harder to convert Sikh girls.

The self-appointed Muslim Parliament of Britain passed a resolution demanding that the British government makes it illegal for Muslim women to marry non-Muslims. It also called for the banning of conversion of Muslims to other faiths. Any Muslim who did convert was to be stoned to death according to Islamic tradition... thankfully, the British government did not take the demand seriously. But the events showed the Muslim's double standard and hypocrisy.

HuT leaders issued a directive in January 1995 to a group of specially selected male members telling them to place Ads in Personal column of Asian Newspapers inviting relationship with Asian women. They were told to write that the religion and nationality of the girl were unimportant and be ambiguous about their own background by, for example, only describing themselves as Asians. They were further told to form intimate relationships with only Sikh and Hindu girls who replied with the aim of conversion. The expense of the Ads and any Dates was to be paid by the HuT.

Certain Muslims have taken to wearing Karas (Sikh steel bracelets) at Bhangra gigs, with the aim of specifically seeking to meet Hindu and Sikh girls. When meeting the girls, these people identify themselves in such a way that the girls do not realise that they were Muslims, for example, by shortening the name as Mohan. They then form a relationship with the girls and begin the slow path to conversion.

A Muslim, when converting somebody, will never tell the person the whole story. For example, when converting men, they always leave out the part about having to get circumcised to become a Muslim. Likewise, the girl converts are tricked into believing that men and women are equal in Islam. They are not told that rape victims, according to Koran, have to produce 4 Male adult witnesses of good character to say that they were raped or they will be charged with adultery and stoned according to Islamic tradition (Hundreds of cases where this has occurred are on file with Amnesty International). Also, according to Koran, all that a Man has to do to divorce his wife is to say" Talaq 'three times. For women, of course, getting a divorce is much harder. Besides which woman wants to share her husband with three other women. Naturally the would be converts are kept in the dark on such Vital doctrines. HuT leadership has instructed its members to specifically target 'problem groups' for conversion. These include young teenage girls, people with social problems, the recently bereaved and victims of abuse as children. These people are considered to be weak willed and so easily manipulated. Once identified, the Muslims will try to convince their target that Islam will magically solve all their problems. Incidentally, in 1992, the HuT produced an article telling Muslim men to particularly target "non-Muslim girls with plain or unattractive physical facial or body features". These girls, the article said, would not be accustomed to attention and would do anything to maintain any relationship. It went on to say that the 'discomfort you may feel in such a relationship, especially if intimate, is only temporary however the rewards you will receive in Heaven will rest for eternity'.

The HuT has instructed the Muslims to work in groups when converting, with one person forming a very close friendship with their target. The group then works to find out the strengths and weakness of the person involved and then will work accordingly. If, for example, the person loves sports and is very athletic, they will go on talking about how Islam actively encourages sports and the world's best sportsmen such as Mohammed Ali, Tyson and Imran Khan are Muslims. If the person has strongly anti-white attitude, they will stir up racial hatred against white even more by talking about past white injustices against them. This policy has been used effectively with Afro-Caribbean's, with whom they talk about the slave trade and give Malcolm X as a role model (Muslim groups leafleted black cinema audiences watching Malcolm X when It was released). Similarly, hard up students have been offered well, paid jobs with Muslim businesses, provided they convert. Forced conversions are rampant. There have been many documentary cases when Sikh and Hindu girls have been taken to Pakistan by their Muslim boyfriends and forcibly converted. 'Those resisting are passed to the other Muslim men who keep the girls under lock and key, in some remote village without telephones. All the girls money and passport are taken away. Other cases have occurred when Sikh and Hindu girls are photographed naked by their Muslim boyfriends, who tell the girls to convert or the photos will be published in magazines and sent to the girl's family and friends. These are tragically not scare stories but actual facts'.

No Hindus ask, why there is no reversion from Islam forcibly imposed on them, forget about conversion from Islam, to the Hindu faith of Universal brotherhood of mankind from sectarian Islamic faith after realising their mistakes or to extricate themselves from the narrowness of sectarianism. A close study of Islam, its practive and interpretations by the Maulanas, will speak for itself. *Maulana Abdul Bari: (Satya Ketu-Arya Samaj ka Itihas.pt4, page 709) 'We can live in peace with snakes and scorpions but not those who convert from Islam or help such conversions 'when Swami Shraddhananda started the Shuddhi and sangathan movement.

Inducement through money, promise of power, and offering luxuries to which men are likely to fall prey are to be employed judiciously. Leading and influential men and women of non-Muslim communities are to be targeted with high priority. Understandably, who could be more vulnerable than our corrupt leaders and the media who can very easily be persuaded to sell their Mothers, sisters and daughters for money? National interest and national security are of no concern for the pigmies of leaders in India today. They are all after immediate personal benefit and vote banks only to help them cling to power at any cost. They are just serving the cause of Islam-a barbaric sectarian faith antagonistic to the great Hindu philosophy of Universal Brotherhood of mankind. When the census figures of 1981 were published, all the national papers in London had the caption 'India reduces her population by 10 million'. Of course, it is a great news when the problem of population explosion is not a regional but a global problem. The analyses had, however, revealed an interesting and reactionary factor. Although the Hindu population was reduced by 30 millions, through family planning, the Muslims in India were after population drive to exceed their target by extra 20 millions thus achieving an aggregate reduction by 10 millions only instead of 33 millions! This disparity in the number games is an encouraging factor for the Islamic aspirants that Muslim population explosion in geometrical progression will eventually bring home an advantage to subjugate the Hindus and thus establish an Al-Islam in India. A meeting of world Muslim leaders was held at the Islamic Cultural Centre and with much enthusiasm resolved to expedite Islamisation of India at any cost and resolved to assist in every way a master programme therefor.

The target was the year 2000 AD and the Muslim states were prepared to contribute more than 1,000 crores of rupees a year for the purpose. The Muslims in India, who had already forfeited their rights to stay in India after partition of the mother country in 1947 and already holding 10 per cent of extra land earmarked for the Muslims in India, who did not move out to Pakistan, were now found in new vigour to establish new mosques, madrassas, Urdu Universities and sectarian Islamic Institutions with the help of the corrupt Indian pseudo-secular leaders thus destroying the harmonious compatriotic relations in the society.

Indian leaders are overtly so corrupt and vulnerable that one Muslim Dr. Ahmed Totenji of Riyadh University in a speech at Gorakhpur organised by the Jamaet-E-Islam on 17 September 1982 openly advised the Muslims to create pressure on the Hindu leaders to work for Islamisation of India.

He blatantly said, 'the so-called secular parties of India have no principles and there is nothing on earth they are not prepared to do in order to achieve some personal gains. The Indian leaders, Newspapers, and the pseudo secular parties were paid 250 crores of rupees for the purpose. The has already yielded encouraging result. They will always be fighting against the Hindu organisations from now on. Whenever the Muslim population will reach about 20 or 25 crores, we can easily wipe out these Hindu Organisations. Remember the way we had taken help and assistance from the communists in Iran and even from Russia to drive away the Shah and then wiped out the communists. We did the same in Indonesia. There is no reason that India can be any exception. Mind you, only 15 per cent of Muslims had fought against 85 per cent Hindus to found Pakistan. So I see no problem whatsoever for 30 per cent Muslims to wipe out these so-called Nationalist or pseudo-secular parties to establish an Islamic state in India."

S. K. Ghosh, Director of Law Research Institute, Calcutta analyses the problem of Communal riots clearly as such.' The alienation is the root of the riots. Muslim leaders do not face the question why riots almost always start with attack on Hindus. When they find more Muslims being arrested they think that enough proof of their victimisation even if they start the trouble, they attack other communities and police parties, desecrate temples, resort to planned conversion of Hindus to Islam, sponsors demonstrations to pressure government to declare Urdu as second language in States etc. They do not explain why Hindu temples were attacked in Hyderabad after some people occupied the Al Aqsa mosque; why the Jagannath temple at Jamnagar in Gujarat was raided after the Israelis bombed the mosque; why Aligarh Muslim University should declare a holiday when the Indian cricket team lost to the Pakistan cricket team in the test mach in Pakistan; why should Muslims exhibit pro-Pakistani behaviour during the cricket test between India and Pakistan in Bangalore; why the Ashram of saint prabhudatt Brahmachari of Jhusi (Allahabad) was ransacked on October 28, 1982, the Muharam day, by the Muslim Processionists; why Indian cricketers should be stoned and booed as 'Indian Dogs' and West Indies players glorified by Muslim spectators at the time of One-day cricket test in Srinagar; why should Muslims in Ahmedabad take umbrage if people celebrated the Prudential Cup victory? It can well be asked why riots take place in areas where Muslims are in a substantial majority for example, Agra, Aligarh, Bareilly, Baroda, Bihar Sharif, Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Jamshedpur, Meerut, Moradabad, Hyderabad, etc?" The Ministers and officers holding high offices in India can go scot-free, no matter in what degree they are involved in criminal and anti-national activities, showing no respect for the Constitution (one must ask, what happened to the solemn oath of allegiance while accepting offices) or the ancient heritage of the motherland, just be nomenclature of fundamental minority under the peculiar secular system practised by the Government of India.

The other day, Kerala's Muslim minister Kunhalikutty had the audacity to openly demonstrate his disrespect to the age-old Indian tradition of 'lighting a lamp' in an inaugural ceremony of school of music. He called 'lighting a lamp' an un-Islamic act and refused to light the lamp. The minister was rightly reminded by the illustrious musician Jesudas, 'he was there as a minister to represent the Indian community and not as a representative of Islamic community. 'These leaders in high offices, supposed to command confidence in the minds of all communities to help building an integrated and harmonious society, are instead misguiding the people, breeding hatred between the different communities dividing the population, through blatant display of their anti-Indian disposition.

We remember an ex-jude of the Jammu and Kashmir. High Court, Mukti Baha-u-Din, asserting in an affidavit,".... That nearly forty two years back, India annexed the Jammu and Kashmir state by manipulation against the declared wishes of the people...", helped Pakistani propaganda against India in the west immensely. One must wonder, why our government is failing to prosecute this anti-national element and is still paying pensions and other benefits to him?

Unwittingly, these Muslim leaders are not doing any good to their own community, through their seditious and antagonistic acts of defiance, but only alienating the very friendly Hindus to become anti-Muslims, eating away the fabric of the peace-loving Hindu society, much to the detriment of national interest and national integrity.

What had happened in Hubli, Naduatul or Moradabad are the blatant exposition of the Muslim psyche in Hindustan and damned failure of principle of secularism.

Since the present government has no intent or power to deal with these reactionary forces, because of their mollifying policy, the nationalist force cannot be expected to witness in silence this erosion of their culture, heritage, civilisation and total disintegration of the motherland, and therefore must act; and act before it is too late to save the country. This is the need of the day.

Nadwatul: For any country, there must not be any doubt, national security is of paramount importance. Sensitivity as to any particular religious affiliation is of no significance whatsoever when the question before the government is security of the country itself. The government is elected to govern the state and of the multifarious duties imposed upon them, security of the state is the most important one. No person, body or community should be above the law; and if a person, body of a minority community feels so shattered for intrusion by the Intelligence Branch of the State for crime-suspects, they must ensure that their places of worship or educational institutions are not used for harbouring the criminals and involved in subversie activities and acting detrimental to the interest of the state. The Intelligence Branch of the State carried out their rightful duties in raiding the premises at Nadwatul in Lucknow last November which was not only suspected, but in fact harboured, anti-social elements including the person of one Abu-Bakr of Rajdhani Express explosion reputation and others. Whether Principal Ali Miah is a Muslim scholar of high repute or an Indian Fakir with equal democratic right in a secular country; and whether he had any knowledge or not of harbouring anti-Indian agents in his college, is of no importance whatsoever when the issue is of national security. Apologising to Ali Miah by our leaders, instead of incriminating him for treason, for no wrong but commendable part in carrying out the sacred duty by our Intelligence Branch, thus pandering to the Muslim community, is a disgraceful act and exposition of base morale of the Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Jadab and the Central Minister C.K. Jaffar Sharif. These leaders, by their action as such became accomplices and thereby had not only forfeited their rights to be at the helm of the governments but should be tried for treason. The country is evidently not safe in their hands.

The correct course of action for the government must be to issue stern warnings to all irrespective that no one is above the law of the land and no institutions or places of worship either are immune from police action if they are desecrated by harbouring criminals and overtly engaged in subversive activities. If there is any one who does not like any such raid in their premises, he must be advised to refrain from any such anti-national activities. The Muslim Law Board or any other institutions, nurturing any immunity at the cost of national security, must be communicated this basic requirement in no uncertain terms or otherwise be prepared to pay a high price for action as such in the long run.

Kitu Rani Channamma Maidan, till recently was known as "Traffic Island Maidan", since seven prominent roads meet at this place in the heart of the city of Hubli in Karnatak. The Muslim community was only given permission to say prayers there twice a year and a small structure was there to facilitate prayers. During 1992, when it was announced to unfurl the national flags in all public places, including Channamma Maidan, in sympathy with the programme to unfurl the flag in Lal Chalk of Srinagar, the Congress chief Shri Bangarappa pretended to play as a saviour of Muslims and deployed a huge force to stop flag-hoisting in the maidan to mollify the Muslims. How can anyone stop the compatriots hoist the national flag on Independence day or Republic day at a public place? Anything is possible for a corrupt hierarchy serving the cause of Islam. The determined youths were successful in hoisting the flag on 15 August 1994 briefly against all odds but at a great sacrifice of six precious fives.

The high-sounding institutions and the media are dubiously silent when 20 or more places of Hindu worship and the historic mosque of Sufi saint Noor Uddin in Chrar-i Shariff in India (the Hindus called him Nand Raja out of reverence) were destroyed between 8 and 11 May 1995 by the Pakistani Sunni mercenaries. Of the 22 terrorists killed in operation, 9 were definitely identified as Muslim mercenaries from North West Frontier province of Pakistan. Mast Gul of Afghanistan led the team of mercenaries to disturb peace in the area to frustrate the impending election in the Indian province of Jammu & Kashmir. Yet the perpetrators of the crime, the Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Hindustan are blaming the Hindustan government because the Hindu leaders are unwittingly and unwarrantedly apologetic for the crimes perpetrated by the Muslim terrorists aided by Pakistan. It is incomprehensible, why the Indian Government did not warn Pakistan for destruction of the Hindu temples and the Sufi shrine by her mercenaries. Why India is not claiming compensation from the government of Pakistan for the loss of lives and destruction of the Hindu places of worship?

It is curious, Gen. Krishna Rao (Ret), Governor of Kashmir, wasted no time to assure rebuilding the Sufi shrine at Chrar-E-Shariff and the Indian Prime Minister Rao made a declaration to grant 14 crores of rupees for building the shrine but made no mention whatsoever of what is going to happen towards rebuilding also the 20 Hindu places of worship destroyed and desecrated by the Pakistanis at the same time between 8 and 11 May, 1995. The tolerance of 85% of the Indians is taken to be granted in the land of the peace-loving Hindus under the corrupt pseudo-secular government.

vMass conversion to Christianity (The Organiser 5.2.1995):

Christian missionaries have now made Bastar, the biggest Vanavasi district in India, their target for conversion. Their first target was Raigarh district where the number of Vanavasis converted as Christians is not in thousands but in lakhs. Temptations and Intimidation have been the usual tactics of the Christian missionaries.... the Christian missionaries were tempting their victims that they would set up schools, hospitals and different developmental and welfare institutions and their (missionaries) funds were fatter than the State government's exchequer. The Vanavasi MLA said that Christian missionaries had a free hand in destruction of Vanavasi culture, civilisation, their lifestyle and traditions. Shri Dilip Singh Joe Dev, BJP member of the Rajya Sabha claimed that the Christian missionaries were getting Rupees 1200 crores from abroad for conversion ... He said, by law, non-tribals could not purchase land of the tribals but Christian missionaries had purchased several thousand acres of land of the Vanavasis..."

Justice Niyogi's findings on activities of Christian missionaries (Organiser 16 November 1994): The Madhya Pradesh Government instituted an Inquiry' 'Christian Missionaries activities in 1954'. The Inquiry was conducted by Dr. M.B. Niyogi, retired Justice, Nagpur High Court. The report was published in 1956 from Nagpur, part iv "Chapter Conclusions (findings)" reads,

On consideration of material before us we arrive at the following conclusions of fact:-

1. Since the Constitution of India came into force there has been an appreciable increase in the American personnel of the Missionary organisations operating in India. This increase is obviously due to the deliberate policy of the International Missionary Council to send evangelistic teams to areas of special opportunities opened to the gospel by the Constitutional provision of religious freedom in some of the newly independent nations, equipped with new resources for mass evangelism through the press, film, radio and television (page 27 and 31 of the Missionary Obligation of the Church 1952)

2. Enormous sums of foreign money flow into the country for Missionary work, comprising educational, medical and evangelistic activities, It was out of such funds received from abroad that in Surguja the Lutherans and other proselytising agencies were able to secure nearly 4,000 converts.

3. Conversions are mostly brought about by undue influence, misrepresentation etc. or in other words not by conviction but by various inducements offered for proselytization in various forms. Educational facilities such as free gifts of books and education are offered to secure conversion of minors in the primary and secondary schools under the control of the Missions. Money lending is one of the forms adopted as a mild form of pressure to induce proselytization. This is found very prominently in the case of Roman Catholic Missions operating in the hill tracts of Surguja, Raigrah, Mandla, etc, Cases where coercion was reported to have been used are generally of those converts who wish other members of the family to join their Christian parents or secure girls in marriage.

4. Missions are in some places used to serve extra-religious ends. In spite of assurance given by foreign and National Missionaries to authorities, instances of indirect political activities were brought to the notice of the Committee.

5. As conversion muddles the convert's sense of unity and solidarity with his society, there is a danger of his loyalty to his country and State being undermined.

6. A vile propaganda against the religion of the majority community is being systematically and deliberately carried on so to create an apprehension of breach of public peace.

7. Evangelisation in India appears to be a part of the uniform world policy to revive Christendom for re-establishing western supremacy and is not prompted by spiritual motives. The objective is apparently to create Christian minority pockets with a view to disrupt the solidarity of the non-Christian societies, and the mass Conversions of a considerable section of Adivasis with this ulterior motive is frauht with danger to the security of the State.

8. Schools, hospitals and orphanages are used as a means to facilitate proselytization.

9. Tribals and Harijans are the special targets of aggressive evangelisation for the reason that there is no adequate provision of hospitals, schools, orphanages, and other social welfare services in the scheduled or specified areas.

10. The Government of Madhya Pradesh have throughout followed a policy of absolute neutrality and noninterference in matters concerning religion and allegation of discrimination against Christians and harassment of them by Government officials have not been established.

Such allegations have been part of the old established policy of the Missions to overawe local authority and to carry on propaganda in foreign countries (Organiser, November 16, 1994)


There is no denying the fact that Mother Teresa's work is primarily converting the naive Hindus to Christianity and who could be the most easy victims but the downtrodden hapless Hindu dalits, particularly oppressed and neglected section of women folk? The naivity of the Hindus to respect all religions equally through upbringing in the Hindu fold 'Sarva dharma samabhav' place them in a vulnerable position and can easily be exploited by any organised communal and sectarian institutions like Christians and Muslims. It is known, Teresa was in a rage when a group of Christian converts to Hinduism called on her some years back because they had forsaken Christ. She did not on one occasion allow a destitute girl in her care to marry a Calcutta College Street businessman since he was a Hindu and did not become a Christian. The girl's welfare was of least concern for her. A destitute under her care could not mary a fellow Christian even since he was a Protestant and not belonging to her own sect. Millions of pounds are pouring in her kitty from all over the world for her philanthropic service. Where the money goes to? What we feel, it is an impertinent question when you challenge a non-Hindu preaching any religion in Hindustan. The constitution of Charity of Missionaries, of course, is indicative of the object of her charity workshop, "Our aim is to quench the infinite thirst of Jesus Christ for love by the profession of the evangelical counsels..... It shall be our utmost endeavour to proclaim Jesus Christ to men of all nations, especially to those who are under our care". Must we shower only praises on her, no matter whatever she had done? On proper evaluation of her work, we must agree with Christopher Hitchens Channel 4 ITN (November 1994) that she was "most selfless and dedicated proselytiser for catholic fundamentalism and most pertinent question is, how she had used multimillion pounds. She was building more convents than hospices and orphanages" Mr Mihir Bose again correctly points out "She is a symbol of West in the East...that is why the West lionises her. There are lots of people doing concrete work for the poor and the needy in India ... she has not done anything to change poverty in India."

The special treatment meted out to her by our leaders in Bharat is very much out of proportion. We wish, the benefits and privileges as such were not discriminatory and confined to the Christians and Non-Hindus only in the land of the Hindus.

Puri Shankaracharaya Swami Nischalanandaa Saraswati Maharaj commented (on Mother Teressa). She is engaged in conversion in the name of manab seva' ..'if Mother Teressa really wants to serve humanity, she should stop converting Hindus to Christianity' The number of Hindus are dwindling in the North East as a result of conversions going on under the guise of serving the people..... Though it (Nagaland) is a part of the country, you cannot go there as a Shankaracharya but as a tourist. Only Christians, and not Hindus, can preach their religion there.' - The Organiser 5.11.95.

* * * * *

China has introduced a Religious regulation to the effect that foreign missionaries are prohibited and the places of worship are registered. India must ensure that a Welfare Board of Hindus monitor any conversion to any extra-territorial religion with a view to stop unrest in the land since the main reasons for riots, massacre, disturbance of peace in the Indian sub-continent is conversion of the children of the land (Hindus) to the religions which are sectarian and antagonistic to Hindustan's culture, ancient heritage and dharma-the unique philosophy of Universal brotherhood. Look and judge for yourself, what is happening in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir Valley, Nagaland, Mizoram, Jharkhand, Tripura and other pockets of India wherever the Muslims and Christians are in majority

The Times 4.11.95: CHARITY BUYS SLAVES' FREEDOM IN SUDAN: A British charity working in Sudan is buying back Christian slaves kidnapped by Arab militants and forced to become Muslims. A team for Christian Solidarity International (CSI) went to Sudan and spent $10,000 to free 22 children and young women. The charity agreed with local leaders in Nayemlell, Southeren Sudan, to buy 5 cows for every slave and use these as payment.

Baroness Cox, a member of the CSI team, said "I just couldn't leave these people behind knowing we could have helped them' Tens of thousands of back Christian Sudanese in the south of the country have been abducted by gangs of soldiers, who sell them as slaves to Muslims in the north. According to Baroness Cox, the enslaved children and young women are forced to do house and agricultural work as well as provide sexual services. They are generally given Muslim names and forced to observe Islamic rituals. The boys are said to be forced to attend Koran lessons and militia camps where they are trained to wage war against their own people.

Since 1989, the Christians have been fighting President Al-Bashir, who has been accused of involvement in an assassination attempt against President Mubarak of Egypt in Khartoum this year (1995). The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey, visited southern Sudan this year to lend support to the embattled Christian community.

Look at the ways critically as to how the high profile government and non-government Christian and Islamic Institutions are working for their faiths throughout the world and COMPARE the acts of our own pigmies of Hindu pseudo-secularists working for suicidal ethnic cleansing course of de-Indianisation of India. 

The Hindus have lost their sense of direction. This is not a result of an accident. The process is very gradual. The so-called pseudo-intellectual leaders at the helm of the society are none but the victims and end-products of the first Director of European education in India, Macaulay: "no Hindu boy who received an English education could ever remain sincerely attached to his own religion, and, if my plans of education were followed up, in thirty years' time there would not be a single idolater left among the respected classes of Bengal. I heartily rejoice in prospect" (Macaulay by Arthur Bryant). Further, "we will do our best to form a class, who may be interpreters between us and the millions of whom we govern - a class of persons Indian in colour and blood, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals and in intellect ... a race so accustomed to be trampled on by the strong, that they always consider humanity as a sign of weakness"

Macaulay was right ..it is amazing and true with the Indian leaders. We know now why they are acting suicidal against the Hindus detrimental to their own national interest. We know now why they are working for the Muslims and also for the Christians. Even the giants like Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Veer Savarkar cannot bring them to sense and self-respect.

Swami Vivekananda: Each nation, like each individual, has one theme in its life, which is its centre, the principal note around which every other note comes to form the harmony. If any one attempts to throw off this central note, that is, its national vitality, the direction which has become its own through the transmission of centuries, that nation dies. In India religious life forms the centre, the key-note of the whole music of national life. Take away religion from India; nothing would be left.'

M. K. Gandhi "The object of Christian Missionary effort in India is to uproot Hinduism from the very foundation and replace it by another faith"

True Hinduism is nothing but spiritual secularism. To relegate such a religion and to follow a shallow and superficial secularism is one of the worst sins that the false prophets and degenerate rulers of contemporary India are committing. They call Gandhi the Father of Nation. And yet in practice, they do everything to negate all his beliefs.' (Gandhi and Hinduism by Jagmohan- The Hindustan Times 2.10.95)

Father J.D. Suza in March 1950 in New York". Under the new secular regime in India, there is a wider possibility for Missionary works than before".

"Over the decades, the church in India had no doubt played a reactionary role. The church was a close ally of British Imperialism. The problems faced by our Government in Nagaland and Mizoram are at least partly due to the mischief of foreign Christian missionaries. (p 6, Anandabazar Patrika 5.2.1986)

What are our leaders doing when millions of Hindu secularists are being forced to take the sectarian faiths of Islam and Christianity, antagonistic to the ancient Indian philosophy of Universal mankind, thus eating away the very fabric of Indian Society?

When our President, the First custodian of Indian Constitution Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma happened to receive a delegation from Trinidad & Tobago the other day, he could not probably remember or no one in the hierarchy could remind him, what are the things or matter appropriate to represent the great ancient country of Bharat. The President, another victim of myopic pseudo-secularism, serving the country for just the cause of Islamisation or de-Indianisation presented an elaborately gold-embossed and exquisitely framed handcrafted 'Tugbra' on the quranic verse Aiyat-e-Oursi...... with old ornamental koranic verse. It was not clear to me what verse was there. The only consolation I got from my friend who could decipher the foreign language to confirm that it was not verse 5 from Chapter 9 which reads,'.. I am sorry, I cannot interprets, rather dare not, else it might carry wrong meaning'


The six hundred plus Indians, very eager to hear the Prime Minister of the great nation, gathered at the Guildhall in London on the evening of March 14, 1994

To their utter disgust and detestation, they saw someone who presented himself as a Muslim appeaser and an English flatterer. There was no vedic stotras, no Indian national anthem, no prayer to Bharatmata 'Bande Mataram' or 'Jai Hind' to start with. Instead, he addressed the meeting, 'Eid mubarak' to appease the Muslims. A good number of Muslims in their Islamic outfits congregated at the doorway of Guildhall. This of course reminded the Prime Minister Narsimha Rao of his continuing commitment to the Muslims without whom his throne is shaky The rest of the Indian audience liked to know from their Prime Minister as to what actions are being taken against the violation of human rights by the pro-Pakistani terrorists in Kashmir in that more than 300,000 Hindu refugees uprooted by the Muslims in the Kashmir valley of India are now living in the slums of New Delhi. What steps the Indian government is taking to stop the continuous violation of human rights, massacre of Hindus, kidnapping and raping of Hindu girls in Bangladesh, forcing large scale migration to India, leaving their hearth and homes. What actions the Government of India is taking to purge the perpetrators of crimes hiding behind the secular nomenclature in India. The audience instead had the unfortunate feeling that they were listening to someone from the Organisation of Islamic Conference and then in the later part of his speech, a British servant in the colonial era. The Prime Minister seemed to have completely forgotten that he was representing as the Prime Minister of the great nation of India with the most unique philosophy of Universal Brotherhood of mankind and the largest democracy in the world with unblemished human rights record.

Pandering to the Muslims at the cost of national integrity should be shunned and condemned by all. Unfortunately for India, Prime Minister Narsimha Rao is a scholar of great repute and tows the line of another scholar, pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, one of the architects of vivisection of the great country on the dubious ground of religious affiliation and much responsible for continuing religious and sectarian violence amongst the Indians today. Nonetheless they tirelessly preach high sounding philosophy of secularism but corrupt ideas and applications, detrimental to national interest. In fact, enacting and adopting separate laws for the Muslims, separate arrangements and orders for different sects, separate treatment for different provinces, are constantly reminding the same people that they are all different people by reason of their religion, caste, sects and provincial belongings.

The urgent need of the day to save Bharat from complete disaster, is one strong government led by a Prime Minister who is not afraid to act and to declare that the Indians are just one people and ardent followers of the great Indian philosophy. The nation must be guided by one and uniform system of law irrespective of colour, creed or religion. Those who are antagonistic to the philosophy of 'Sarva dharma samabhav' and with extra-territorial affiliation have no place in India and are liable to be tried for treason. We so much regret that our beloved Prime Minister hard cut a very sorry figure. He was a miserable failure and a disaster.

Dr. K R Narayan, Our Vice-president is another victim of Islamisation. While inaugurating a foundation in a Muslim assembly in Kerala his appeasement of the Muslims reached the zenith while he had indulged himself in commenting that Adi Shankaracharya was influenced by Islam in his conviction of Adwaita philosophy. Amongst a Muslim crowd, he was carried away and lost his balance altogether to dare making such blasphemous remarks on Hindu soil and yet continue serving the ornamental post of the great country of Bharat.....

The Vice-Chancellor of R V University of Madhya Pradesh had displayed his secular mind in a dubious way through his attack on Hindus in the Hindu land and got away when he stopped Saraswati pooja in the year 1994, thus ending the University tradition of long thirty years, standing to offer pooja to the Goddess of learning at the time of convocation. This is again another way to humiliate the Hindus and giving encouragement to the Muslims in their onslaught on Hindus, towards Islamisation of Hindustan 'idolatry is worse than carnage' (Al Koran Surah 2, Ayat 190).

When the Government of India liked to reduce the number of holidays, the Hindu religious holidays were only withdrawn. But for the Muslims, an additional holiday for Milad-ul-Nabi was newly introduced instead, to mollify the Muslims. These holidays are declared as Gazetted holidays although these concern a negligible number or none in different establishments in remote parts of the country, considering the meager percentage of around 10% of the population, thus completely ignoring the rights and needs of 85% of the population to celebrate and enjoy their own Indian festivals. The listing of holidays for Arabic festivals, pampering the Muslims, is not confined to the mainland of India only.

Things are worse extra-territorially. For example, the Consulate General of India office in New York, the 1993 list shows that the Hindus had not a single holiday in the list of Bank holidays as against three Muslim holidays, namely; Id-ul-Zoha, Muharram and Milad-ul-Nabi; one Sikh holiday on Guru Nanak's birthday and one for the Buddhists, the Buddha Purnima. (Appendix).

The Indian High Commission in London had listed, in fact, one holiday in 1993 for Holi festival, for the Hindus (the other two, Dussera and Diwali, failing on Sunday and Saturday respectively) against four Arabic holidays for Id-ul-Zoha, Id-ul-Fitr, Muharram and the recently introduced Milad-ul-Nabi. The Hindus are discriminated as such and must not grumble for such humiliation since India is a secular state extraordinary! (Appendix).

Whereas the Hindu pilgrims are charged pilgrimage tax while going to Gangasagar Mela or other places of pilgrimage (the Hindus may be reminded that the non-Muslims had to pay zizia tax in Muslim rule in India), the Muslim pilgrims are paid money instead by the government. In 1993 the Haj pilgrims were paid 7000 rupees per head amounting to 210 million rupees in total. The airport tax of another small amount of 600,000 rupees was also waived. The actual amount of expenditure arrived at 31 crores of rupees. In 1995, it had exceeded 60 crores. This year (1996), we understand, the number of Haj pilgrims are likely to be 50,000 and arrangements are made for journey by air. The total expenditure, we understand, is likely to reach well neigh 65 crores of rupees from the public exchequer. The curious point is that our government has easy access to public exchequer for the pilgrimage of Muslims but finding it very difficult to rehabilitate the three lakhs of Kashmiri Hindu refugees uprooted by the Muslims who believe in killing all who do not belong to their religion. Equal treatment to all Indians irrespective of religion is the last thing one can expect from our pseudo secular government. It is high time now to remind our secular (!) governments that besides pampering the Muslims, they have also the onerous tasks of looking after welfare of the whole people.

The Indians are taught a social order encouraging only disrespect to their own dresses, culture, heritage, dharma, tradition and are indulging in adopting non-Indian way of life.

Thus the whole nation and the society are thrown in a confused state to become easy victims of de-Indianisation. This process of psychological demoralisation is perpetrated in a very intelligent and planned manner without any military attack. There is no gainsaying the fact that the present pseudo-secular governments and leaders of India wittingly or unwittingly, not realising the consequences of their discriminatory secular acts, are only alienating the majority population of the country against their Muslim compatriots.

A Bangladeshi poet Al Mahmood views; Rabindranath Tagore as a whole is not at all acceptable to the Bangladeshis, but poet lqbal is acceptable totally (Bangla weekly Jai Jai Din dated 20 December 1994)-No wonder, this Bangladeshi was felicitated by a group of so-called secular intellectuals (sic!) and writers of West Bengal in Calcutta.

The mullahs and the naive Muslim section enthusiastically celebrate occasions of any discriminatory fortune or favour as a step forward towards establishment of an Al-Islam, means Islamic state in India.

Unfortunately for the Islamic aspirants, these extra concessions and favour, in the name of minority rights, are acting detrimental to their own interest making things difficult to continue peaceful living in a country which had been hitherto, no one can dispute on this point, the safest haven on earth for Muslims. Although the imprudent act of partition of the mother country on the dubious ground of religion, a very impractical solution to preserve or guarantee peace in any country, had completely forfeited the rights of the Muslims, 97% of whom opted for a separate Muslim state for them, but yet allowed to continue living in India after partition of the motherland in 1947, it is the magnanimous generosity of the Hindus that made them give away a considerable part of the land to a people antagonistic to the ancient culture and philosophy of the land, and extend all sorts of help and cooperation, not only to the Muslims still remaining in Hindustan, who had forfeited their rights to remain in Hindustan, but also to the Muslims in the mutilated parts, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It is high time that the Muslim compatriots understand the fundamental problem endangering their community. They must think constructively for the community's own welfare. The Muslim League of India had condemned the stand of Pakistan on Kashmir to accede to Pakistan or separation on the ground of religious affiliation-they are worried of their of their own fate in Hindustan for the Pakistani activities against India. They are feeling insecure for Pakistan's folly

The concessions and special favour, pampering the Muslims at the cost of the Hindus, are breeding only hatred in the minds of the majority population of 85% of the Indians. Then again the government unwittingly makes an impossible promise, in the face of strong nationwide opposition, or ignoring the sentiments of the majority of Indian population, to be on a warpath for a splendid massacre, to rebuild a mosque at the very site of Ram Janmabhoomi where a mosque structure, superimposed on an ancient Hindu temple, was brought down by Indian nationalists on 6th December, 1992. Despite his pseudo-secularism, the Indian Prime Minister Narasimha Rao showed his extreme prudence by restraining his troops from the act of provoking the peaceful Hindu majority of 85% against their Muslim compatriots.

It is very unfortunate, the Muslim fundamentalists are blaming Prime Minister Narasimha Rao for his prudent act instead of expressing their gratitude for saving millions of minority Muslim lives leading to forced large scale migration from Hindustan.

Some hotheads were blaming the Prime Minister for not sending troops to Ayodhya in advance, in apprehension of bringing down the Babri structure in Ayodhya on 6th December 1992. We must realise that sending troops could not have solved the 464 years, old problem. We had already witnessed a big bloodbath very recently in 1989, killing more than 2000 people by the government troops at Ayodhya. The number this time could have been staggering high. It could only aggravate the problem. Restraining troops against the advice of his sick cabinet and congress colleagues and friends, there can be no doubt about it, helped averting large scale massacre of Muslims in India. Sending of troops and shooting at more than 200,000 strong dedicated nationalist crowd would have, no doubt, ignited the whole country and alienated the most tolerant 85% Hindu population against their Muslim compatriots.

The 16th century signpost of foreign invasion, super imposed on the ancient Ram Mandir built by king Vikramaditya in c.100 B.C on the sacred site, believed to be the birth place of lord Rama, was pulled down.

The Indian government and the media unwittingly put the blame on different political parties for the destruction of the structure. The leaders of India now have neither the personality nor the charisma, nor the integrity to command any confidence in the mind of the Indian masses. They just employ one section of the community against the other with a view to securing the vote banks even by indulging in the infiltration of foreigners, estimated at about 3 millions with the sole object of clinging to power only They are even selling out the National security and the National Interest. They do not understand, nor are capable of understanding, the real issue involving the superimposed Babri structure.

Ram Mandir. The facts and evidence, material and circumstantial, substantiate the fact that Ram Janmabhoomi temple was built by King Vikramaditya c.100 B.C on the site of a ruined temple, believed to be the birth place of Lord Rama. The re-incarnated figures of Hindu deities on the interior walls and the 14 black stone pillars with pre-Islamic decorations, absence of minarets, absence of washing facilities, south facing structure instead of facing Mecca, were the adverse factors to offer Muslim prayers in the temple. The Hindus had never allowed the invading moguls to complete the mosque as appropriate for offering Muslim prayers.

There was a hue and cry all over the world when a dilapidated mosque structure, superimposed on the ancient Ram Mandir of Ayodhya, was pulled down by 200,000 plus Indian crowd, using only pick-axes and bare hands. They made use of no detonators or any modem device, in the face of all obstacles. The court could not stop them. The leaders could not stop them. The security force could not stop them. One must wonder, why?

The Babri structure, named after the invader Babur, under whose command a mosque structure was super-imposed after demolition of the ancient Ram Mandir, started in 1528 A.D by Babur's army The Indians had fought hard battles against the invader's army to save the ancient Ram Mandir. The first battle in 1528 continued for days and about 174,000 Hindus sacrificed their lives. Babur's commander Baqui Khan could not enter the temple; and then destroyed it with cannon balls (see Lukhnow Gazette, page 36, serial 3). The king Mehtab Singh had fought for 70 days; Debidin Pandey continued the battle till 9th June 1528, King Ranvijay Singh for 10 more days. After the death of her husband, the queen Jayrajkumari had formed an army of 3000 women but perished against the Mughal army of Humayun. The Sikh Guru Gobind Singh also lost about 27,000 soldiers, fighting the Mughal army of Aurangzeb.

The invaders were thus never allowed to construct a proper mosque at the site in the face of continuous opposition by the Indians. Since the destruction of Ram Mandir in 1528 altogether 77 battles were fought for the possession of the sacred site and the decisive one was fought on the 6th December 1992 by the 200,000 plus peaceful Hindu volunteers.

Contrary to anti-Indian propaganda, this was not in any way a communal eruption; not a single mosque was desecrated, no Muslim properties were destroyed, no Muslims were attacked by the 200,000 Indians. The government troops did not have to fire a single shot to disperse the strong crowd after repossession of the sacred national site.

The Hindus were complacent. They had their 464 years of war sacrificing more than 350,000 Hindu lives. The Indians were happy that the first black mark of invader Babur's Islamic Imperialism was wiped out from the sacred birth place of Lord Rama, the common heritage of India.

The event is seen as the emergence of the Hindu nation and the Muslim fundamentalists know that this is the first nail in the coffin of their Islamic Imperialism in Hindustan. As such the Muslims could not reconcile with the Indian nationalists. The Muslims all over the world were in frenzies. They desecrated hundreds of temples and killed hundreds of Hindus in retaliation. One may ask, in retaliation for what? The media all over the world were economic with the truth. They failed miserably to tell us the truth for reasons best known to them. The leaders and the media were vociferous in condemning the nationalist Hindus as right wing fundamentalists while referring to more than 200,000 peaceful Hindu crowd assembled at the Janmabhoomi to reclaim possession of their own beloved site which was always theirs.

The fact is that a huge structure in a dilapidated state, loosely called a mosque, was standing on the site, believed to be the birth place of Lord Rama, the common ancestor of all Indians. The Muslims could not offer prayers there because of the presence of Hindu deities, religious figures of Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Ganesha and others decorating the interior walls and the 14 pillars of back stones, salvaged from the ruins of the ancient temple destroyed by invader Babur. The structure was facing south again as appropriate for a Hindu temple and not facing Mecca as sanctioned for Muslim prayers; the minarets could not be erected, the washing facilities were not available there either. The Hindus had never allowed completion of any proper mosque on the sacred site and fought continuously since the first one against invading army under commander Baqui Khan in 1528. Now that the structure is demolished, the Muslims all over the world are in a frenzy to kill the Hindus, destroying their properties and desecrating their temples. The Hindus do not believe in desecrating any place of worship, no matter which community it belongs to. Any place of worship is the abode of God, the Omnipotent, "Ekamebadwitiyam", one and no second, worshipped through millions of symbols, deities and manifestations. The Hindus did not go for any rampage after demolition of the Babri structure and after repossessing their sacred site. The Indian government troops did not have to fire a single shot to disperse the strong Hindu nationalist crowd from the Janmabhoomi site. The Hindu population in India is approximately 8 to 1 Muslim. The Hindus are the most tolerant people on the earth. Unlike the Muslims, who believe in killing all who are not of their religion, the Hindu philosophy is Sarba Dharma Samabhab. Otherwise, there was hardly any chance for the Muslims in India to survive after what the Hindu community had suffered in the hands of Muslims for more than a thousand years. Tolerance must also have a limit. The Ram Janmabhoomi saga is the best example to fathom the psyche of the Muslim fundamentalists and also the nationalist force in India. This is not a case of desecration of a mosque but the demolition of a black mark of Imperialism from the sacred national site. They are arresting the National leaders, banning the national organisations and parties and blaming the patriots for removal of the black mark of invader Babur's imperialism from the sacred site of common Indian heritage.

Now India, the largest democracy in the world with unblemished record of preservation of Human rights and the safest haven for Muslims, not only for the Indian Muslims but also for the thousands of persecuted Muslims in neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh, is called upon to state her case before the very people who have no respect for Human Rights and other religions in their own countries.

There was a wild cry over the world that destruction of the Babri structure in Ayodhya ignited riots, massacres, desecration of shrines and temples in different parts of the world. The way the media presented the events is dubious to give us a false impression. It was all exaggerated and ill-motivated to instigate one particular community against the other. We are given the impression that had there been no demolition of the Babri structure, there would have been peace and tranquillity between the Hindus and Muslims and all the Hindu temples and shrines would safe from the Muslim zealots ever after.

The truth is that there has been systematic demolition of thousands of Hindu shrines and temples, massacre of millions of Hindus, mass rape and kidnapping of Hindu women, destruction of Hindu habitats throughout the centuries in India and other countries under Islamic rule before the Babri structure was brought down. This is a continuos process aided and abetted by the Islamic and pro-Islamic governments throughout the world and the corrupt news media. It is imperative, we hear the truth.

The events on 6th December 1992 was the final and decisive blow by the Hindus to bring down the black mark of Islamic imperialism by invader Babur on sacred Indian soil. The onslaught was not against Muslim compatriots who have no relation with the invading force or it was not in not any away desecration of a mosque. This was only an act of reclaiming the sacred site of common heritage for all Indians, Hindus and Muslims alike


The idea of rebuilding a mosque in Ayodhya by the Indian government is ill-motivated. If you are planning to build a mosque because of the demolition of the Babri structure as a place of worship, you will be well advised to rebuild the thousands of temples, shrines, churches demolished by the Muslim bigots and superimposed by mosque, including Lord Vishwanath Mandir in Baranasi, Krishna Janmabhoomi in Mathura, Radheshyam temple in Delhi, Saraswati Temple in Ajmir and thousands of such others desecrated by the Muslim bigots throughout the centuries. The recent demolition of temples in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and in India also numbers staggeringly high.

We must admit, the Indian government could not contain security of the Babri structure in apprehension of the demolition of the signpost of Babur's invasion. The whole world broke loose to condemn the Indian government. They are condemned by the very people who have no respect for human rights in their own countries. Desecration of Hindu temples, systematic extermination of Hindu people, rape and kidnapping of Hindu women and destruction and looting of Hindu properties are a continuous process in their own countries since long before the Babri structure was demolished.

Any way, the demoralisation of most of India has reached such a low state that the Hindus are nearly won over psychologically and are not left with much will or power to resist against any foreign power or faith antagonistic to Indian philosophy. The ground is already prepared for the enemy of mankind to take over the country in any attack. The assertive conviction of Karsevaks in Ayodhya, however, demonstrated the inner strength of nationalists of India and determination to fight back the odds for establishing a Hindu state in Bharat an ideal state for universal mankind. It is high time the Hindus act to fight for their own cause. Tomorrow may be too late. One must wonder, why are you not condemning Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Great Britain and other countries for failure to protect the Hindu temples, Hindu lives and Hindu properties in their own countries? Leaving aside the Islamic countries who have no respect for human rights for non-Muslims in their countries, 24 or more Hindu temples were desecrated or destroyed in the so-called secular England in December 1992. A weak and timid one as such is always at the wrong end of the stick. It is high time that the Hindus assert themselves.

Yet, if our government is planning to rebuild a mosque in Ayodhya, they are well advised to make sure, it is built not at the very site, believed to be the sacred birth place of Lord Rama, and then only after all the temples, shrines and churches, including Lord Vishwanath's temple in Varanasi, Kishen Janmabhoomi in Mathura, Saraswati temple in Ajmir, Radheshyam Mandir in Delhi and thousands of other places of Hindu worship superimposed by mosques and desecrated by bigots are rebuilt first. This is, all must agree, not too much to ask of a secular government as it pretends to be. We must not expect a secular government to embark on a communal and sectarian venture to work only for a particular community, the Muslims!

Now that 20 Hindu places of worship were burnt and desecrated by the Sunni Muslims from Pakistan between 8 and 11 May 1995, when they destroyed the Sufi shrine at Chrar-E-Sharif, the assurance from the Indian government to rebuild the Muslim shrine with no reference to rebuild the 20 Hindu places of worship at the same time is a patent display of the pseudo-secularism of our government. So any one can see that secularism practised in India has a completely opposite meaning in Indian context.

* * * * *

The Hindus, curiously enough, do not have equal rights in their own country. They are victims of pseudo-secularism practised by the rulers of India. The Hindus could never extricate themselves from the yoke of slavery for nearly a thousand years now; they were ruled by the Muslim invaders, the British and lately, after-so-called Independence of the country in 1947, giving away nearly 26% of the mother country to only 16% of Muslims, preferring communal interest to national interest, now find themselves ruled by a secular (!) policy of the successive governments acting very much detrimental to the interest of majority of her people and the state. Out of 24% of Muslims in undivided India 8% remained in partitioned Hindustan but we had never heard of any claim by our government for return of one-third of Pakistan territory to Hindustan meant for these Muslims who did not migrate to the partitioned land of their choice.

One has to rewrite the meaning of the magic word 'SECULAR' when applied in the Indian context. The secularism applied to the Hindus has got no bearing on the Muslims. The Indian secularism is discriminatory policy dividing her own people and detrimental to national integration, national security and national interest.

The Hindus are 85% of the total population. But they are the people who happen to enjoy lesser freedom in their own country and blamed by the same people whose own record of violation of human rights has no bounds. The Hindus are the most tolerant people extending fraternity to the Muslim minority even after vivisection of the motherland and continuous atrocities by the Muslims of Pakistan and Bangladesh and desecration of thousands of their temples.

Barring a small section of the Muslim community, many of whom joined the national stream Bharatiya Janata party, the majority of them do not even have the minimum courtesy to respect the sentiments of the Indian community.

* * * * *

The most retarding factor hinderprogressing India now is, no doubt, her population explosion. Thanks to the Green Revolution coupled with reasonably successful agroscientific efforts, India has yet been maintaining self sufficiency in food since 1971 silencing her western critics. This is a marvelous achievement for a country like India to find food for her own children, well-nigh one-fifth of the global population, despite many of her failures in different fronts.

In Hindustan, the Hindu population growth was one percent less than the all-India average. Muslim's rate of growth was 10 percent higher than the Hindus. Altogether 30 million Muslims (more than the whole population of Canada) were added to Indian population in ten years to 1991 thus rapidly changing the demography of Hindustan. We must agree, it is not a mean achievement towards Islamisation of whatever was left of Hindustan after vivisection of the Mother country on dubious ground of religious difference, giving away 26 percent of the land area for the then 24 percent of Muslims in 1947.

History will prove that normal civilised living becomes very difficult and constraining Wherever the Muslim population of a state or pockets reach 30% or more. It is becoming increasingly difficult to make a peaceful living even in the state of West Bengal in India where the Muslim population shot upto 37% percent, thanks to Marxist government's policy of encouraging and harbouring the Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh for votebanks.

The Islamic domination in different parts and in different forms are very much evinced in everyday life in rural areas and the Muslim dominated pockets throughout Hindustan and very much in violent form in West Bengal under the shadow of the Marxist government.

How come after partition of the mother country of India there still remains more than 100 million Muslims in a land where they have forfeited their rights to stay? The magnanimous generosity of Hindus, nay, it is the open declared Islamisation programme culminated in the present noxious state of humiliation of the very people who have completely lost their sense of self respect after subjugation by the Muslims and thereafter by the British for a thousand years. The present plight of the hapless Hindus in their own land can best be described in just a few words on the incident at village Khakurdaha P.S. Jaynagar of District 24 Pgs. in West Bengal, India.

The Radhamadhab Mandir, a small place of Vaishnavite worship for 42 years is located at the heart of the village near the market place. The priest of the temple 84 years old Babaji HariSadhanji had been the priest for 25 years. Besides Puja Bhagavat Geeta path in the morning was regular feature. Now that a mosque has recently been constructed nearby as a part of Islamisation of Hindusthan with Arab Money by the Jamat-E-Islami Group. Every day new mosques are emerging in a massive scale through out the length and breadth of Hindustan as a global programme for institutional racism aided and abetted by our corrupt leaders. Unfortunately, welfare of the Muslims destitutes is of not much concern to these institutions. Intermittent onslaught on the Hindus, attack on persons, attack on properties, desecration of temples, abduction and kidnapping of Hindus are but the demonstration of the dominating Islamic force over the Subjugated Hindu Community These operations are merely the exercise of assessment of the strength and weakness of the Hindu Community, the negative response, divisive and anti-India, gives the aggressive Muslim force a clear signal that the victims are just an easy prey for "conversion or death".

It is not far from the Calcutta metropolis, only about 25 miles away, the Muslims had the impertinence to intimidate the venerated Hindu priest in Hindusthan to stop reciting holy Bhagavat Geeta in the Temple on the plea that the Muslim prayer from the Mosque might be disturbed as if this land is already an "al Islam" where "idolatry is worse than carnage-Al Koran'. Evidently the priest was not one of our Indian leaders or newspaper men, who had sold their Souls to the Muslims for vote banks and petrodollars to stoop low before Islamic pressure-and continued reciting Bhagavat Geeta. On 13th Feb, 1996 midnight, a gang of 15 or 16 Muslims equipped with fire arms raided the Temple, heckled the priest and poured Kerosene on his person and burnt him. What was the crime he had to pay his life for? The only crime is non-submission to Islam. This is what has now become of Hindusthan of 84% Hindus. The local police, instead of taking any action against the perpetrators of crime rounded up a few Hindu devotees and had beaten them to make false statement exonerating the Muslims.

The microphone at the Temple was taken away by the local police and no one recites Bhagavat Geeta any more. The Muslims Continued their Muslims prayes and they are content. The Hindu had been given his dues as is appropriate in a Muslim domain-Death. Not many are paying homage to a brave martyr who had sacrificed his life to uphold Hindu Cause in Hindusthan.

Additional Superintendent of Police, Lutfikar Hussain has, of course, much to answer for this said plight.

Ananda Bazar Patrika- The other day in March 1996 a group of Muslim youths deliberately boarded the female compartment of a Sealdah-bound Burdwan local train. Naturally, the poor ladies were panicked and asked the men to disembark from their 'Strictly for ladies only' compartment. One of them had no hisitation to draw a rajor from his pocket and slit the throat of a three year child on the lap and a woman passenger in her early thirties. The child instantly bled to death and the woman was critically injured. Such is now the plight of Hindu girls even in the crowded trains. Calcutta's south suburban trains, the Diamond Harbour Passengers are regular victims of Muslim gangsters. This once peaceful pleasant journey for tourists is no longer a safe one.

What happened in February 1996 near the Tipu Sultan Mosque in Calcutta reflects the demoralised state of the Hindu Community in so far as defending their own womenfolks from the barbaric Muslims, During noon hours a teen-ager Hindu girl was being forcibly abducted by four Muslim youths. The crowd around was, shame upon them, just silent spectators. It was but for a brave youngster Anshuman Dhar's timely interference the attempt to abduct the girl was foiled. The boy Anshuman had, of course, to be treated in the hospital.

The Hindus are finding it extremely difficult and impossible to maintain their culture, religion, ancient custom and rites in foreign lands, particularly in the Islamic and Islamic dominated countries. The recent development in Malaysia is worth noting. KUALALAMPUR; The Muslim theocracy of Kelantan has banned all public singing and dancing in the state capital of Kota Baru, reviling such performances as "Un-Islamic or haram", local news report said.." all charity drives, cultural shows, concerts or any functions which involve singing and dancing are banned". Kota Baru municipal council president Hassan Abdullah was quoted by The Star Daily as saying the ban followed a directive from the state government, led by Parti Islam classifying such performances as contrary to religious beliefs of Islam.

Only children under the age of 12 years would be allowed to perform on stage, he said. The ban also covered non-Muslims and an application by an ethnic Indian association for a cultural show to celebrate the upcoming Hindu festival of lights, or Deepabali, had also been rejected, he said. The state government earlier said dancing and singing, especially in the evening, could lead to immoral activities. PAS has sought to imbue Islamic principles into the daily lives of the Kelantanese people since it won control of the largely agricultural north-eastern state in 1990. Authorities this year urged that Hindu mythological characters depicted in traditional shadow-puppet performances, be converted to Islamic heroes.

We must take account of the fact that one-third of the Muslims, who had already forfeited their rights to remain in the partitioned India, since 97 percent of them opted for a separate land of their own, did not migrate to Pakistan but found safe haven to live with the Coffers in mutilated Hindustan.

Unfortunately, the Muslims in India are guided by a satanic force and are determined NOT to keep pace with the time and tide towards a peaceful harmonious society but moving in complete defiance of national welfare policy. They are thus inclined to plunge themselves and the whole Indian community into deeper trouble, depriving themselves of a healthy standard of living because of a larger family structure with meager resources to make both ends meet. The government of the day is more keen on mollifying the mullahs, to allow the Muslims to take four wives at one time, assisting to serve only their communal aspiration to increase Muslim population, and not complying with the uniform family code for all. The welfare aspect of the uniform family code, encompassing all under one law, could do away with much of communal differences which lead the Hindustanis to believe that the Muslims are different people. The pseudo-secular leaders are more interested in vote banks than actual welfare of the Muslim community and the community as a whole.

Ostensibly, the mullahs are very happy that the Muslim population is growing and growing very fast. And the day may not be that far when the Muslim population will exceed the Hindu population in India to pave the way for an Islamic state, no matter whether the people might find any food or a decent standard of living or not. The number is the game! And the dream of converting India, still an AL-Harb (enemy state) into an Al-Islam (Islamic State) does no longer seem to be an idle dream.

Evidently, our leaders, like the unfortunate mediocre leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru and others, who had no vision to read the writings on the walls, vivisection of the Mother India in 1947, are failing miserably to see things in proper perspective. But the fact is that because of this reactionary attitude of the Muslims, the whole Indian population, irrespective of colour, creed or religion, is bleeding and bleeding to death and the death is not that far either, unless serious steps are immediately taken to stop the regressive trend. 

Since ail reasonable efforts to arrest the tremendous growth of Muslim population, leading the whole country to a ruinous state, have been abortive, it is high time that the authority adopts some stern measures, some novel measures, to save the country's tottering economy.

The Courses should be, unfortunately very much to the disliking of so-called freedom-mongers, who believe in enjoying freedom only by infringing into and in complete disregard to other's rights, punitive taxes to be charged to all parents of every third child onwards and again conscripting the third child onwards by the state. It might be worthwhile to also add that the parents of the third child plus, although be taxed for maintenance for 16 years or so, may not have any access to the children thus adopted by the state. Consequently, the parents are sure to lose much impetus for having the third or more children. This course, there is no doubt about it, looks very inhumane but the onerous responsibility of the government to protect the posterity from utter destruction certainly outweighs the need for such a drastic step by a society in real crises as such.

There is no denying the fact, the best course, of course, is taking recourse to compulsory family planning for all and application of the uniform family code for welfare of the whole community.

What we do very much need today are leaders who command confidence by virtue of good morality and sincere commitments. What we have got now are very high sounding preceptors with no commitments and only of fake promises. For a drastic change in the society, our leaders and reformers must themselves first practise and then preach any ideology. It is thus rightly suggested by some people that the parents of more than two children will not be eligible to hold high positions in the public sectors and also for any political positions e.g., Ministers, Members of the Parliaments or State Assemblies and even to the rank of Gram Panchayets. This measure, we may be sure, will deter a considerable section of the community from giving for big families with number games and thus help maintaining a balance and harmony in the society

India was trampled over, fought over. You had the invasions and you had the absence of response to them. There was an absence even of the idea of a people, of a nation defending itself. Only now are people beginning to understand that there has been a great vandalising of India....... The new Hindu attitude, the new sense of history being attained by Hindus, is not like Mohammedan fundamentalism, which is essentially a negative, last ditch effort to fight against a world it desperately wishes to join.... There is a big historical development going on in India. Wise men should understand it and ensure that it does not remain in the hands of fanatics (V S Naipaul, quoted by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate). HINDUISM: M.K. Gandhi- 'My religion is Hinduism which, for me, is the religion of humanity and includes the best of all religions known to me'. The deeper I study Hinduism, the stronger becomes the belief in me that Hinduism is as broad as the universe. Something within me tells me that, for all the deep veneration I show to several religions, I am all the more Hindu, nonetheless for it'. 'My devotion to Truth has drawn me into the field of politics and I can say without the slightest of hesitation, and yet in all humility, that those who say that religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means'.

Swami Vivekananda: 'Each nation, like each individual, has one theme in its life, which is its centre, the principal note around which every other note comes to form the harmony. If any one attempt to throw off this central note, that is, its national vitality, the direction which has become its own through the transmission of centuries, that nation dies. In India religious life forms the centre, the key-note of the whole music of national life. Take away religion from India; nothing would be left.'

"Hindooise politics and Militarise the Hindoos" - Veer Saavarkar (1883-1966)

'True Hinduism is nothing but spiritual secularism. To relegate such a religion and to follow a shallow and superficial secularism is one of the worst sins that the false prophets and degenerate rulers of contemporary India are committing. They call Gandhi the Father of the Nation. And yet in practice, they do everything to negate all his beliefs.' (Gandhi and Hinduism by Jagmohan- The Hindustan Times 2.10.95)

The Mussalmans and Jews of Medina formed a Nation in the time of prophet Mohammad. It did not last. Within two or three years this alliance fell apart. The Mussalmans deported some Jews and killed the rest"

Maulana Maududi (founder of Jamaat-e-Islami) said in April 1939: "Islam and Nationalism are opposed to each other in spirit and objectives. Islam cannot flourish where Nationalism is and Nationalism has no place in Islam. Promotion of Nationalism means the end of Islam's progress, and Islam aims at destruction of Nationalism. Obviously, one can belong to only one of the two" Moulana Maududi's Islam is thus fundamentally opposed to the Constitution of India (P S Yog-National Integration and Muslim minority. P8) The members of Islam-Jamaat, whose other name is Ummat-e-muslimeen, as soon as it comes into existence, start Jihad, to make effort to extinguish the un-Islamic rule and to establish in its place a rule which is best described by the Koranic word Kalimutullah, i.e, establishment of an Islamic Government and domination of Islam over other faiths."

The other school of progressive Muslims Jamait-e-Ulema chair Maulana Hussain Ahmed Madni (1940 session): "It is most important to establish firmly an Islamic Government. The Jamaat-e-Ulemah as always strived towards this end. But alas! The real objective was not possible of achievement. Therefore the Jamaat co-operated with the Hindus in the struggle for Independence. Although independence thus achieved will not result in Islamic rule, but this will pave the way for the ultimate achievement of our true objective."

"India is a Darul-Harb (Enemy country) from the day Muslim rule ended here" (Letter no 64 date 1.11.1950). Again," Till Islamic rule is established, it is the duty of the Mussalmans to continue to struggle to that end" (Letter dated 27.1.1972)

If the believers of Islam go by Quranic Sanction to kill all who have no extra territorial allegiance (i.e, allegiance to Islam) and are not believers of sectarian Islamic faith, the Hindus cannot be expected to be just silent onlookers to watch their women raped, their children killed, their households destroyed, their places of worship desecrated as such.

The Hindus, it transpires, are now left with no alternative but be prepared to exercise the right of self-defence and in all probability, the very right of pre-emptive attacks, knowing it well that the barbaric anti-national extra-territorial force are already at war against the Hindus in the land of the Hindus.

* * * * *


The New Encyclopaedia Britannica 15th edition (1985)- Page 751 Micropaedia.

Ayodhya, also called OUDH, or AWADH, town faizabad district, Uttar Pradesh state, northon India, on the Ghaghara (Gogra) River. An ancient city, Ayodhya is regarded as one of the seven holy places of the Hindus. According to traditional history, it was the early capital of the kingdom of Kosala, while in Buddhist times (6th-5th century BC), saravasti became the kingdom's chief city. Scholars generally agree that Ayodhya is identical with the city of Saketa, where the Buddha is said to have resided for a time. Its later importance as a Buddhist centre can be guaged from the statement of the Chinese Buddhist monk Fahsien in the 5th century AD that there were 100 monasteries there. There were also a number of other monuments, including a stupa (shrine) reputed to have been founded by Asoka (3rd century BC). Ayodhya is revered by Hindus because of its association, in the great Indian epic poem Romayana, with the birth of Rama and with the rule of his father, Dasaratha. According to this source, the city was prosperous and well fortified and had a large population.

The Kanauj kingdom arose in Oudh during the 11th and 12th centuries. The region was later included in the Delhi sultanate, the Jaunpur kingdom, and, in the 16th century, the Mughal Empire. Oudh gained a measure of independence early in the 18th century but became subordinate to the British East India Company in 1764. In 1856 it was annexed by the British; the annexation and subsequent loss of rights by the hereditary land revenue receivers provided one of the causes of the Indian Mutiny in 1857. Oudh was joined with the Agra Presidency in 1877 to form the North-Western Provinces and later the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh, now Uttar Pradesh state.

There are few surviving monuments of any antiquity, Rama's birth place is marked by a mosque, erected by the Mughal emperor Babur in 1528 on the site of an earlier temple. The numerous vaisnava shrines and bathing ghats are of no great age. Close to the modern town are several mounds marking the site of ancient Ayodhya that have not yet been adequately explored by archaeologists. Pop. (1981) 30,500.

Judgement dated 18.3.1886 passed by Col F.E.A. Chamier, Distt, Judge, Faizebad in Civil Appeal No. 27 of 1885

Mahant Raghubar Dass............ Plaintiff Vs. Secretary of State of India Mohammed Asghar Defendants Respondents.

I visited the land in dispute yesterday in the presence of all parties.

I found that the masjid built by the Emperor Babar stands on the border of the town of Ayodhya, that is to say to the west and south it is clear of habitations. It is most unfortunate that a masjid should have been built on land specially held sacred by the Hindus, but as that event occurred 356 years ago it is too late to remedy the grievance, all that can be done is to maintain the parties in status quo-in such a case as the present one, any innovation could cause more harm and derangement of order than benefit..........

Muslim India, March, 1986, Page 107.

Government of India thinks there are no Hindus in USA

Three Muslim holidays,
but none for Hindus

An NRI from New York, USA, on holiday in India sometime ago, had, in an informal chat with this scribe, bemoaned that the Indian Consulate in that city remained closed on Id but worked on Krishnajanmashtami, Ram Navami and Diwali festivals. He had wondered if the Consulate was catering to only Muslim Indians who it did not expect to visit the Consulate on id. He had said that as per his information the Hindu visitors and NRIs in New York and USA as a whole were many times more than the number of Muslim Indians.

The Federation of Hindu Associations (FHA) has, however, pointed out that the Consulate of secular Government of India "has gone too far. They forget that there are some Hindus in India and around the world who like to worship and celebrate their religious festivals". The case in point is an advertisement put out by the Consulate General of India in New York in which the services offered by it are paragraphed and fees prescribed for various services are listed.

At the bottom of the advertisement are also listed holidays observed by the Consulate. The list includes three Muslim festivals-Idu'l Zuha, Muharram and Milad-e-Nabi-but none of the festivals, which the GOI thinks are Hindu holidays-Ram Navami, Shivaratri, Krishnajan-mashtami, Diwali, etc. It appears that Guru Nanak's Birthday and Buddha Purnima have been included because perhaps the Consulate officials consider them as separate from Hindus, though most Hindus consider these sects as part of Hinduism.

What is surprising is that the list of holidays observed by the Consulate does not include even the Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti!

When asked, the Indian Consulate's man, one Subba Rao, did not even know when Krishnajanmashtami was due!

The FHA considers this list issued by the Consulate as an insult to all Hindus. It wants to know if Indian embassies or consulates abroad represent interests of ail Indians or those of Muslim Indians only.

But the fault, it would appear, is not that of the Consulate officials. It lies with the Government.


An erstwhile member of Parliament, the elderly Shashanka Shekhar Sanyal, who was intimate with the Marxist Communist Party, had once written to West Bengal's State Minister Abdul Bari on the subject of the serious law and order situation, in Murshidabad district. He had written'. 'I am writing to you as a friend and colleague. Can you detect that the situation in Murshidabad today is reminiscent of the partition days? The Moslems are removing by force the harvest from Hindu's fields. Any protest is met with slaughter of cows only to hurt that religious feelings of the Hindus. A Hindu passes his days and nights in worry and sleeplessness. Moslems shamelessly make obscene remarks at his wife and daughter in the street. School-going by Hindu girls have been made difficult by Moslem behavior. This has forced many Hindus to leave their hearths and homes and head for the city. Rumor is being circulated that another Pakistan is in the offing. Things have become so difficult that it is well-nigh impossible now to stop the trend. I would like to discuss with you in private, before things totally out of our control, this unwholesome affair."

PM Offers olive branch to Imam


New Delhi, March 22: The Prime Minister, Mr H.D. Deve Gowda, is keen to open a line of communication with the Imam of Jama Masjid, Syed Abdullah Bukhari.

Mr Gowda's son, Mr H D Kumaraswamy, called on the imam yesterday, seeking his "blessings". Mr Kumaraswamy said the Prime Minister wanted to meet Mr Bukhari.

A Gowda-Bukhari meeting is likely to take place next week, sources close to the imam said.

Mr Bukhari, who opposed the United Front and sided with the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls last year, said he was now prepared to back Mr Gowda. He, however, told Mr Kumaraswamy the Front government should expedite matters relating to the minorities.

Describing the BSP supremo, Mr Kanshi Ram, and the Uttar Pradesh Chief minister, Ms Mayavati, as "traitors", the imam admitted it was a "mistake" to campaign for the BSP. Mr Bukhari demanded immediate removal of all restrictions on mosques under the Archaeological Survey of India.


TEL: (212) 879-7800 ; FAX: (212) 861-3788) 

13, The consulate with remain closed on the following holidays:

Budh Purnima 
Memorial Day 
Idu'l Zuha 
May 6
May 31
June 1
July 1
American Independence 
Thankasgiving Day 
Guru Nanak's Birthday 
July 8
August 31
November 25
November 2

Photocopy of the portion of the advertisement of Counsulate General of India, New York, listing the holidays observed by it.





October 7, 1992

List of holidays to be observed during 1993

The following holidays will be observed in the High Commission of India, London and Assistant High Commission of India, Birmingham during 1993:



(Prophet Mohammed's Birthday)
DUSSEHRA (Vijaya Dasami)   
DIWALI (Deepavali)   
MAY 6  
JUNE 1  
JULY 1  




*Subject to Change depending on appearance of the MOON


1. All Heads of Wings/Branch Officers
2. PS to HC/PS to DHC
3. Assistant High Commission of India, Birmingham

4. Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi (GA Section) - 5 copies. This has reference to Ministry's letter No. Q/GA/602/2/92 dated 25/08/1992.

5. PAI/PAII/CR/TELEX/EW Section, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.

He said the Muslims were unhappy that prayers were not allowed in many mosques, including the capital's famous Safdarjung Masjid.

Prayers at Safdarjung mosque were allowed by Indira Gandhi in 1980's after prolonged protest from Muslims.

The imam said the Muslims were upset with the United Front government's "indifferent attitude" towards plight of Terrorist And Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (Tada) detainees. He wondered how people could be detained under Tada, which had lapsed in May 1995.

Mr Bukhari recalled that United Front leaders, including those from the Left, were extremely critical of the demolition of Babri Masjid, but when they formed the government, they forgot about their promises.

Mr Bukhari demanded a comprehensive package for the Muslims, including reservation in government jobs.

(The Telegraph 23 March 1997)

Barrage of abuse confirmed by police 
Hindus 'driven out of homes in terror move' 

Jeremy Cross

Hindus in Bradford say they are being driven out of their homes by a constant campaign of terror which they claim is being waged against them.

Members of Hindu communities in the Horton and Woodhead areas of the city have been subjected to a barrage of verbal and physical abuse, police sources confirmed yesterday. Some say they have even been spat upon while walking in the street.

Much of the violence comes from fellow Asians of different religion, they say.

Places of worship have become regular targets for vandals and some homes have even been petrol-bombed, a Hindu spokesman said.

Petrol has been poured through letterboxes and one chemist's shop in Horton Grange Road has been attacked no fewer than 40 times.

Last week a woman was attacked while she walked alone close to her home.

Hasmukh Singh, International Trustee of the World Council of Hindus, says the situation has got out of control and that a survey has revealed over the last two years more than 30 percent of the Hindu community have now sold their homes and left Bradford to live in nearby places such as Baildon, Leeds and Huddersfield.

Mr Shah says the community feels it is under siege and blames other religious factions, including Muslims, for the trouble.

He said: These are not isolated cases of vandalism but a concentrated effort and deliberate campaign of harassment against our property and persons.

"It is almost as if a sinister hand is misguiding these people to commit such horrible crimes against the Hindus who don't want to live here any more.

"We feel like we are being held to ransom and we are under siege from these attackers. Some parts of Bradford have now become serious no-go areas with streets being very intimidating and dangerous for Hindu women and youths to walk in at any time of day.

"It has got so bad that we are now becoming a minority within a minority because families are moving away as a result of all the violence."

The situation came to a head this week when festival lights, erected outside various community halls to celebrate an annual Hindu festival were ripped down and destroyed by hooligans.

And Mr shah says, unless police take action Bradford could be faced with riots similar to those in Manningham last year because Hindu youths are becoming increasingly restless at being constantly harassed.

But a Bradford police spokesman said the situation was being dealt with. "The incidents highlighted have happened over several months, going back even years in some cases.

"Toiler Lane police has investigated each incident individually and thoroughly."

Yorkshire Post 
(October 17, 1996)


Something is clearly wrong in Parts of Great Horton and Lidget Green. Members of the Hindu community are having their businesses attacked and their festival lights damaged, and pressures between them and Muslims are said to be rising.

If there is a potential flashpoint here, it needs defusing as soon as possible. Community leaders must get together quickly to ensure that everything possible is done to ease the friction which seems to be building up. They need to put across the message loud and clear, through their own spirit of co-operation, that mutual tolerance between Bradford's many and varied cultures and faiths is the only way forward for this district of ours.

(INDIA WEEKLY, 22 NOV. 1996)

Telegraph and Argus, 
(October 17, 1996

Temples Desecrated in Fiji

SUVA- Fijian Political and religious groups condemned the desecration of two Hindu temples. Sitiveni Rabuka, Prime Minister of the racially divided island nation, said the break-ins during the Hindu religious festival of Diwali were an act or sacrilege. The Fiji Council of Churches joined the outcry.

Statues or deities were stolen and smashed at the Soni Samar temple on the night of Nov. 9 at Nadi on the west coast of the main island or Vit Levu, causing $15.800 damage.

Several statues were also smashed at a small community temple in the Suva Suburb of Nadera on Nov. 11.

The multifaith religious group, Intefaith Search, said the attacks harmed the national spirit and goodwill.



Temple blast

Madurai (UNI): The remand of Seeni Naina Mohammed, Madurai district secretary of Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetra Khalagham, accused in the Meenakshi temple blast, was extended for 15 days. Two others involved in the blast are yet to be caught.

The Telegraph, 1st August 96

March to protest against fresh attacks on Hindu temples

A NUMBER of Hindu and other Asian organisations in Britain, organised a rally and Peace March from Lincoln's Inn Fields to Kingway, Aldwych and 10, Downing Street, on Sunday (31st January).

Over 5000 persons took part in the march; the organisations represented included the Hindu Council of Birmingham, the Hindu 'Council of Brent, the National Council of Hindu Temples, the Temple Committee of the North and the Hindu Council of the North.

The organisers presented a petition to the High Commission of India and the British Prime Minister, at 10, downing Street.

The Petition recalled recent attacks on Hindu properties and places of worship in different parts of Britain, including 36 temples, and condemned these attacks. The petition urged that British Hindus, their properties and places of worship should be given adequate protection by the authorities in the country. 

The memorandum to the British Prime Minister, Mr. John Major, urged a curb on 'the activities of organisations and individuals inciting ethnic hatreds

The memorandum called for compensation towards restoration of all Hindu and Sikh gurdwaras damaged in the violence.

The memorandum also voiced concern over the destruction of Hindu places of worship in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Warning & Attacks

Earlier, on India's Republic Day (26th January), the Hindu Council of the North and the Hindu Council of Birmingham issued a statement reporting fresh attacks on properties and places of worship of British Hindus and condemning threats of attacks by miscreants.

The statement said: "A warning was issued two weeks ago to Hindu organisations in Britain that misguided and anti-social elements were planning to carry out wilful acts of damage to Hindu places of worship and Hindu-owned properties in Britain.


"This is a matter of utmost concern because this is now a reality in view of the wanton attacks on Hindu properties and temples in Bradford well, in fact, attacked on the nights of 23rd and 25th January: the house of a Hindu community worker was attacked: all windows of the house were smashed by miscreants who used air fun shots.

"The total damage caused to Hindu properties by Muslim miscreants in December was nearly £4 million. There is little hope of compensation to the Hindu residents involved.

"What has startled Hindu residents of Britain is that although they are often described as an asset to the community in Britain, they do not really have a voice in deciding on what positive action could have been taken to apprehend those responsible for these attacks.

"It is high time that due recognition was shown by the authorities to the contribution of the Hindu community to the peaceful and economic development of this country."

"The British Hindus are concerned that the media in Britain have not given a fair recognition of the sentiments and fears of the Hindus in the context of the reports of the events in Ayodhya which were given so much publicity and we appeal to the press to publish balanced reports concerning Hindus throughout the world."


Pak hand in destroying temples

THE BALUCHISTAN NATIONAL MOVEMENT has accused the provincial government of arresting its members for protecting Hindus from hooligans, and in Sindh a Christian member of the provincial assembly has made a similar charge against the provincial administration.

About a month after the destruction of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and its aftermath in Pakistan, the press in that country has begun to reveal that the destruction of temples and churches in the four provinces of Pakistan was well orchestrated allegedly by top officials including chief ministers and provincial ministers.

In Punjab, the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif's younger brother, Sahabaz Sharif, and the provincial chief minister, Ghulam Haider Wyne, are accused of being involved in the destruction of temples and churches.

The Urdu daily, Haider, reported that estate agents showed a particular interest in the destruction drive because these temples stood in the prime land of Lahore. These agents, known as the Qabza group (grabbers' group) had posted their armed toughs to guard the temple land after the destruction.

Mr Nawaz Sharif's government has announced its intention "to rebuild the temples," bit Frontier Post of Peshwar, writes no contractor was willing to take up the job for fear of Muslim fundamentalists.

Begum Nusrat Bhutto, who visited the affected areas in Karachi, said the rise of fundamentalism was a gift of the Zia rule and the wrong policies of the present government. She also accused the government of failing to provide necessary relief to the affected Hindus.

Nationalists in Baluchistan and Sindh opposed religious fundamentalism. The Baluchistan National movement (BNM) protected the Hindu, when the anti-Hindu rioters were let loose, the BNM has alleged that the provincial government itself had engineered anti-Hindu riots in the province and when the BNM activists tried to protect the Hindus, they were arrested.

The Sindh Express of Karachi quoted Baluch nationalist leaders as condemning the government for failing to protect the Hindus who had stayed with Muslims in Baluchistan for centuries.

A Christian member of the Sindh Assembly said members of his community were arrested and falsely accused of drug-running just because he had strongly protested against the destruction of temples and churches.

None of these events have been reported in the Western media. Perhaps they were too occupied with stirring up trouble at the demolition of Babri Masjid.


ISI training TN Muslims

By T N Rajagopalan

INDIA IS GOING to lodge a protest with Pakistan about 15 Tamil Muslim Youths being trained by Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) of Pakistan in Colombo. Pakistani intention to have an ISI base in Tamil Nadu was detected by interception of wireless messages by Pakistani officials to two Muslim youths in the State. The Centre is keeping these messages and documentary evidence to lodge a complaint against Pakistan to the United States.

The Government has drafted a 15-pages document to be sent to Washington on Pakistan role in abetting terrorism in the country This document will be examined by the US state department; if it is cleared Pakistan will be included in the list of states sponsoring terrorist activities.

By December-end every year the counter-terrorism division of the United States finalises for submission to the US Congress a report titled "Patterns of global terrorism."

This report which is submitted to the Congress in April of the following year, after the approval by the President reviews the activities of various terrorist groups of the world. Evidence from government and private agencies of any State is collected. The report also recommends as to which states need to be brought in the list of state sponsors of international terrorism and whether any state previously included needs to be excluded from the list because of its giving up its policy of sponsoring and abetting insurgency in another country.

With the centre issuing warnings to the State governments in southern India, it is enough to realise that Pakistan which had never tried to have a base in Tamil Nadu and Kerala is gradually establishing its contact with the minorities there.

The TN Director-General of Police has been told that Union Home Ministry wants a special report on the activities of Pakistan in the State.

N N Jha Indian High Commissioner in Colombo has also communicated his views to Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary.


7 Pundits shot dead in Kashmir


Srinagar, March 22: Seven Kashmiri Pundits were gunned down early today at Sangrampora village, 40 km from here, dealing a blow to the Farooq Abdullah government's efforts to woo migrants back to the valley.

A senior police officer said 15 militants surrounded the homes of four Pundit families and asked the men to come out. They were taken some distance away, lined up and shot from close range.

Seven victims died on the spot and one, Mr Ashok Kumar Pundit, was critically injured. He is admitted to a hospital here. The dead have been identified as Bhushan Lal, Sanjay Bhat, Vijay Kumar, Pyarey Lal, Avtar Krishan, Triloki Nath and Dileep Bhat.

Somnath, a 65-year-old resident of the village, said a youth came asking for master Bhushan Lal early this morning. "He said they wanted to speak to Masterji and asked him to accompany them. Masterji's relatives also went with them. Then we heard gun shots," Somnath said, breaking down.

The Villagers later set out in search of the men and found their bodies scattered.

The four families had chosen to stay on in the area primarily because of the warm relationship they shared with their Muslim neighbours. Even at the height of insurgency, relations between the Kashmiri Pundits and the Muslims here remained cordial. The other Pundit families had moved out of the area nine years ago.

Today, the Muslim neighbours arranged for the last rites of the victims. "We had lived together during all these years of trouble. I do not know why this happened," one of them said. 

The killings in Badgam district have dealt a severe blow to the government which has been trying to get migrants return to the Valley. The Chief Minister, Dr Farooq Abdullah, had appealed to migrants "not to wait for the last gun to silence."

The efforts to get the migrants back with cash incentives have also been criticised by leaders of various political parties, who say that such declarations are meaningless as the ground situation in Kashmir is "showing no sign of improvement." The government has offered Rs 1 lakh to each migrant family that returns to the Valley.

The state revenue minister and the minister of state for home visited Sangrampora today. The state police chief, Mr Jagat Gurbachan, also arrived at the spot with senior officials. A Search operation has been launched to nab the militants.

Leaders of the All-Parties Hurriyat Conference, led by the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief, Mohammad Yasin Malik, met the victims' families. The Hurriyat Conference has condemned the killings.

Meanwhile, two powerful explosions rocked Lal Chowk and Regal Chowk this afternoon. The police and witnesses said unidentified persons hurled a handgrenade at a BSF vehicle, injuring eight soldiers. The condition of four is serious.

Minutes after the blast, militants attacked a parked Army vehicle with another handgrenade, injuring four soldiers. The troops returned the fire. Six bystanders were injured in the crossfire.


Muslims mount anti-India tirade in UK

The Vociferous and resourceful pro-Pakistan lobby in Britain has mounted a major anti-India tirade in the wake of the demolition of the- Babri mosque and the subsequent communal riots across the country, according to the Press Trust of India.

Several Muslim organisations have mushroomed in Britain since the events in Ayodhya on 6th December, leading to the destruction of the disputed 16th century structure by Hindu "Kar Sewaks" (volunteers) they are spearheading a concerted campaign accusing India of failing to protect the lives and property of its largest minority community, Muslims.

According to observers in London, some of these organisations with the people of Pakistani origin in the fore-front, enjoy moral, political and even financial backing from Islamabad.

Some militant Muslim outfits, including "Jihad-India" and "Hiz-Ul-Tabrir" have been openly inciting the Muslim youth in Britain to launch a "Jihad" (Holy war) against India.

The Indian Muslim Federation (UK), in a letter to Prime Minister John Major, has requested him to use his good offices to convey the British Muslims' concern to Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao during his visit to New Delhi next week.

"We urge you to convey your concern to the government of India for the protection of human lives, reconstruction of the Babri mosque and its custody to the Muslims as promised by the Indian Prime Minister," the Federation said.

It has also sent telegrams to Prime Minister Rao and President S D Sharma criticising banning of the Jamat-E-Islami as "unjustified" and "Uncalled for".

The Federation approached all Muslim organisations in Britain for a "joint front". It also supported the cause of the Pakistanis expelled from the United Arab Emirate after they took part in a demonstration against the demolition of the Babri mosque.

In a letter to Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan al-Nahayyan, the Sultan of the UAE, the Federation urged him to "reconsider the position of the Muslims in the UAE and pardon them if they have broken the laws of the UAE in the spirit of Islam and solidarity of the Muslim Ummah".


60,000 dead in Arab toll of terror

About 60,000 people have been killed in the past five years in terrorist-related attacks in the Arab world, mainly in Algeria and Egypt. The Algerian toll in a conflict with Muslim extremists was 50,000. Arab interior minister said in Tunis yesterday.

Eleven journalists were also killed last year in Algeria. Both Egypt and Algeria called for greater cooperation between Arab countries, and particularly with Europe, to combat terrorism.


Guerrillas kill 16 in Algeria

Paris: Algerian security forces said "a group of terrorists", which usually means Muslim guerrillas, had killed 16 people in the village of Ben Achour, 30 miles south of Algiers. The news came the day after Ahmed Ouyahia, the Prime Minister, repeated government claims that the guerrillas had been crushed (Reuter).


90 Killed in Algeria massacres

ALGIERS, APRIL 6 (AP): about 90 people were killed in a 12-hour period in massacres near the capital, survivors said today, blaming Islamic militant factions for the increasing bloodshed.

The attacks all occurred between Friday night and last morning. The survivors, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the attackers slit their victims'throats or shot them, and also destroyed their homes.

Some witnesses said the attackers had lists of people to kill, leading to the suspicion that at least some of the attacks were coordinated. In the biggest massacre, 52 people had their throats slit by about 50 attackers near medea, south of Algiers. Witnesses said the homes were then burned.

In nearby Amroussa, 15 more people suffered the same fate. Their bodies were then doused in gasoline and burned. Another eight people were killed in Kabylie. 

The Telegraph 7th April 1997

32 civilians butchered in Algeria

Algiers, March 22 (AP): A group of Islamic militants armed with sabres and axes slit the throats of 32 civilians and then beheaded some of them, independent newspapers said today

The attackers took only 30 minutes on Wednesday to wreak havoc in a village near Ksar el Boukhari, 150 km south of Algiers, the French language dailies EL Watan and Liberate reported. The victims, including 16 women, came from four different families.

(The Telegraph 23 March, 1997)

'Bangla minorities feel insecure'

The Bangladesh "Hindu, Christian and Buddhist Council", an organisation of the country's minority communities, last week said that the minority communities are suffering from a sense of insecurity following the "communal violence here in the wake of the demolition of the Babri mosque in India."

It demanded compensation for the minorities who suffered in Bangladesh in the recent violence and reconstruction of the damaged temples and other places of worship.

The council leader and 11 non-Muslim members of the Bangladesh parliament in a press conference in Dhaka alleged "massive communal violence" in Bangladesh following the "Babri mosque" demolition. They condemned the demolition of the mosque by Hindu zealots and demanded its immediate reconstruction but said they have no words to condemn the repression and harassment suffered by the minorities in Bangladesh in the aftermath of the developments in India.

They alleged that communal violence erupted in 43 districts in Bangladesh claiming 12 lives and leaving 2,000 injured in addition to losses of business.

Courtesy: The Times of India 


Temple bombed in S African suburb

A TEMPLE IN AN INDIAN SUBURB in the South African city of Laudium was bombed early last Tuesday, causing extensive damage.

The Hindu Seva Samaj Temple, built more than 20 years ago, was bombed by explosives at about 3am.

A prominent member of the community in Laudium and an official of the South African Tamil Federation, Ramy Pillay, said, "The front doors of the temples were extensively damaged but a statue of Nataraja was not damaged".

Mr Pillay said that South Africa was free of the Hindu-Muslim animosity that erupted after the Ayodhya Mosque incident adding, "We are sad this has taken place because we had even expressed the view that destruction of the Ayodhya Mosque was totally repungnant and those responsible should be punished.

"This is the first incident but we don't know who is responsible. Some people believe it may be the work of the White Right Wing who want to sow seeds of division in the Indian community"

A local Muslim leader, Moulana Azad, condemned the bomb explosion, saying that such acts did not promote humanity as envisaged by different religions.


Islam on the rise in US

ISLAM IS AMERICA'S fastest growing religion, and in a decade, Islam is expected to overtake Judaism, with 5.5 million adherents, to become the second leading religion in the United States.

There are four million Muslims in America, including one million black Muslim converts according to an article in Topic, an official publication of the US government's information agency.

An estimated three million American Muslims are immigrants or their immediate descendants. There are also a few thousands white Americans who have converted to Islam.

Growth is further fed by a high birth-rate among American Muslims much higher than in the rest of the population.

The average US Muslim family has more than six children. Muslims already outnumber such established Christian denominations as Episcpalians with 2.5 million members, and Presbyterians with three million members.

Islam is not new to the US. In fact one out of five slaves brought to the US by slave-ships from West Africa were Muslims. However, most were converted to Christianity at that time.

(The Times 19 March 1993)

'Muslim World League' breathes fire

Muslim World League (MWL), an affiliated body of the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), has said that it would call upon Islamic countries to impose economic sanctions against India if the Babri Mosque was not rebuilt at the same site.

The decision was taken on Tuesday last week at a closed door session of the 50 members of the MWL constituent council in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where the organisation has its headquarters.

Reporting the recommendation, Saudi Arabia's English daily Arab News quoted MWL secretary-general Abdullah Oman Naseef as saying, "This act (the demolition) was strongly condemned by the council members" who demanded the Indian Government "rebuild the mosque at its original site and prevent the recurrence of such atrocities.

"If New Delhi does not heed these calls then Muslim countries will be asked to use trade sanctions as a weapon and Muslim people asked to boycott Indian goods and refrain from hiring Indian contract workers," Maseef said.

He said that the League Members had suggested setting up a group to monitor the situation and report to the council in future.

There were no reports of the Muslim World League expressing regrets, let alone offer apologies, for many hundreds of Hindu temples and Sikh Gurudwaras demolished and desecrated in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.


Whites held after South African mosque bombing

From Ray Kennedy in Johannesburg

Two white men were arrested in South Africa yesterday after three bomb blasts which police are linking to the Christmas Eve attack on a supermarket almost 1,000 miles away which killed four people and injured more than 60. Two people were hurt in yesterday's explosions.

Police said they stopped two platinum miners in a red car at a roadblock soon after the blasts at Rustenburg about 100 miles northwest of Johannesburg. Three men in a red car were seen speeding away from the scene of the Christmas Eve attack at Worcester, 60 miles from Cape Town.

The Two arrested men were remanded in custody until Friday by magistrates. Police said explosives were found in the car and at one of the men's homes. They were named as Pierre Jacob and Christian Harems.

Late yesterday Sydney Mufamadi, Minister of Safety and Security, visited Rustenburg in North West Province to see the blast damage caused to a mosque in an Indian section of the town.

Two other bombs damaged a Muslim-owned sub-post office in the village of Mooi Nooi about 20 miles from Rustenburg and a Muslim-owned off-licence at nearby Marikana. Mr Mufamadi described the bombings as the work of "mad people".

Faisal Ahmed, a spokesman for the Muslim community in Rustenburg, said the mosque had threatening calls from Afrikaans -speakers over the past two weeks.

A police spokesman said the mosque was damaged by pipe bombs similar to those used in the supermarket attack for which a right-wing group calling itself Boer Attack Troops has claimed responsibility in a fax sent to the South Africa Press Association. The fax promised that "for every farmer that is murdered, hundreds of your anti-Christs will die at our hands".

Police have linked the super-market bombing with three leading members of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement who escaped from prison last March after being convicted of taking part in a bombing campaign shortly before South Africa's elections in April 1994. Twenty people were killed and more than 200 injured in that campaign.

The movement has denied involvement in the supermarket bombing but has said that it understands the frustrations of its members.

It said that the "open hatred" of Dullah Omar, the Minister of Justice who is a Muslim, "towards the white race and the Boer people is the reason for breakaway groups who are no longer prepared to accept injustices".

The Times 6th January 1997

Bangladesh religious minorities' delegates call on Dr. Singhvi

A Delegation from the Bangladesh Hindu, Buddha, Christian Unity Council (UK) called on the High Commissioner for India, Dr. L. M. Singhvi, last week to express concern about the communal unrest in India and the Indian sub-continent.

The delegation stressed the dangers arising out of the rising tide of fundamentalism in the Indian subcontinent since 1947, "which," the delegation said, "is not in the best interests of the people of the region."

Members of the delegation urged that human rights issues should be part of the agenda at the forthcoming SAARC conference "for the sake of stability of the region."

Those who called on the High Commissioner included Dr. B.B. Choudhury (who was last month physically assaulted by Bangladeshi hooligans while on his medical rounds), Mr Debabrata Choudhury, Dr. P. L. Das, Mr. Ronen Dam, Mr. Krishna Priti Choudhury, Mr. Parimol Choudhury and Mr. Sujit Sen. Mr. B. K. Rao, Minister (Coordination) at India House was also present at the meeting.

Prime suspect in temple blast held

By Pranmoy Brahmachari

Berhampur, Sept. 29: The prime accused in the Daulatabad temple blast of June 7, Majid Sheikh, who is also alleged to be a CPM-backed criminal was arrested by the Murshidabad police led by the sub-divisional police officer, Lalbagh Mr Debabrata Das, after a long encounter with a group of criminals at their hideout on Saturday night. The CPM organised a rally to protest his arrest at Pahar village on Sunday In another incident, the police led by DSP, D&T, also arrested another suspect, Mukhtar, from a house in Mukundapur field where he was hiding prior to his departure to Bangladesh. The police recovered two pipeguns and four crude bombs.


The President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma presenting an elaborately gold embossed and exquisitely framed hand-crafted "Tughra' on the Quranic Verse Aiyyat-e-Qursi to a Trinidad & Tobago delegation that called on him during his recent visit to that country.

The first citizen of Bharat probably forgot, while meeting Muslim delegates, that India still had rich heritage and culture of Bhagwatgeeta, Ramayan and Mahabharat.

Hizbul responsible for Pundit massacre

SRINAGAR: Pro-Pakistan Hizbul Mujaheedin militants were responsible for the recent killing of seven Kashmiri Pundits at Sangrapore village in central Budgam district, according to preliminary investigation by the Jammu and Kasmhir government.

The minister of state for home, Mr Ali Mohammad Sagar, told the Legislative Council today, a massive search was continuing to nab the killers, which "inquiries have revealed, were militants belonging to the Hizbul Mujaheedin".

He said following the massacre, which he described as politically-motivated, the Army cordoned off the area and began a massive search operation which was still continuing. Mr Sagar said he accompanied other ministers, senior police and security force officers to the site of the massacre.

The Chief Minister, Dr Farooq Abdullah, while replying to demands for more grants to the home department, told the House his government was against the forced return of Pundits to the valley. "If Pundits want to settle down in Jammu, let them take the decision. But at the same time, no body should talk of composite Kashmiri culture," Dr Abdullah said.

Meanwhile, Kashmiri Muslim employees held a massive demonstration at civil secretariat premises today, demanding better security in Jammu. They said they were being harassed by lawless thugs who were stoning their flats.

The state chief secretary, Mr Ashok Jaitley, and Mr Sagar were booed by the employees, forcing them to leave the premises. They also tried to damage Dr Abdullah's bullet-proof car as he was leaving the secretariat.

Mandela backs India's UN claim

NEW DELHI (PTI): The South African President, Mr Nelson Mandela, has said his country backs India's claim to a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

Mr. Mandela, who arrived here on Thursday on a three-day official visit to the country, assured India to carry further his personal initiative for the democratic reform of the UN so that "some countries cannot dictate and power is evenly distributed."

Mr Mandela shared the Indian perception about restructuring of the Security Council during his discussions with the Indian leaders and in his speech at the banquet hosted in his honour by the President, Mr Shankar Dayal Sharma. The issue figured prominently in his talks with the external affairs minister, Mr L.K. Gujral, who called on the South African President.

Mr Mandela said: "We want to restructure the UN so that power is evenly distributed." In his arrival statement, Mr Mandela underscored the need to work together in all international fora, including the UN, and said a handful of nations could not be allowed to dictate terms in the UN.

*It is worthnoting the nature of the following demands by the Muslim organisations submitted to Sm Indira Gandhi in 1984. It was a shameless exposition of blackmailing the corrupt leaders and the Institutions.

1) *Illegal immigrants should be allowed to remain in India.

2) 30,000 Hindu immigrants who had immigrated to Kashmir must not be given citizenship right .

3) The Islamic character of university of Aligarh should be maintained and must be provided with sufficient amount of grant.

4) Urdu should be treated as the second language in the south Indian states.

5) The Muslim majority districts should be identified and Muslims should be appointed at all levels from District Commissioner down to constables.

6) There should be 30% reservation of jobs for the Muslims.

7) The paramilitary and Police departments should have Muslim units; it is only these units which are capable to combat communal riots.

8) The majority population i.e. The Hindus may attack the Muslims any time. As such the Muslims may be granted free arms license to defend themselves.

9) Slaughter of cows must be allowed.

10) Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha and Vishwa Hindu Parishad should be banned.

11) The flow of black money for Islamisation of India must not be stopped.

a) All the mosques should be renovated.

b) Ten lakhs of tombs have to be installed in main strategic places of the country.

c) Each of this tombs will thus provide livelihood of a Muslim family.

d) Innumerable Madrassa schools should be founded for two crores of Muslim youths. 

e) Each state should have an Islamic University.

f) Sufficient fund must be provided to rehabilitate one crore of Bangladesh: Muslim immigrants.

g) Islamic propaganda should be conducted throughout the country.

h) The Muslims with somewhat Hindu habits must be converted to pure Islamic bend.

i) The Harijans converted to Islam should be given encouragement through financial assistance.

Pakistan Zindabad slogans in Bhadravati

K.S. Nagaraja in Bangalore

Bhadravati in Shimago district of Karnataka is barely 150 kilometres from Hubli. The Id-procession there on the 21st of August was sufficiently bigger compared to the usual annual affair, which, it is learnt, was stagemanaged by C.M. Sadiq, brother of ex-minister C.M. Ibrahim. The vociferous demand of the processionists was that shops should down the shutters. The business community did not respond. It was followed by anti-national slogans such as "Pakistan-Zindabad". Then there was pelting of stones, soda bottles and physical attacks. The mob was unruly with most of the youngsters in the vanguard.

The attackers then stormed Vagesh cinema house where a Hindi film 'Frantiveer' was being witnessed by nearly 500 persons. Women were dragged out and molested. The proprietor of the cinema house has complained that seats, fans, screens, electricity equipment worth Rs. 7 lakhs were destroyed within 15-20 minutes. People were seen running here and there, women crying for help and succour. Local papers have reported that there were attacks on Raghavendra Mutt. The attack was so unexpected and deliberate that Hindus were taken by surprise.

But Congressmen and interested parties blamed the BJP. The BJP has, however, pointed out that it were the Muslims who masterminded the attack. When the cinema hall was ransacked there were no Muslims inside an unusual sight on a Sunday which was also the Id-holiday. The review by The Hindu tellingly says that though Bhadravati town had been identified as communally sensitive and had witnessed such incidents in the past, the authorities failed to anticipated trouble during the Id-procession and adequate measures were not taken to avert violence in which two persons were killed. The BJP has demanded Circle Inspector Jamil's transfer. Jamil, stationed there for the last 9 years, had been the main instigator and he refused to register the complaint of attack on the Raghavendra Mutt and has demanded his transfer immediately.

Sporadic violence continued for the next three days despite imposition of curfew and public property worth lakhs of rupees was destroyed.

The flare-up at Bhadravati is a clear case where proper investigations need to be conducted in order to establish and identify the initial attackers and fix suitable punishment for the guilty. And also to identity those who raised pro-Pakistan slogans.

"Organiser" 16th April, 94

All others, posing to be patriots and wilfully indulging in a course of action detrimental to the Hindu Nation are traitors and enemies to the national cause.

"...we should make it clear that the non-Hindu who lives here has a rashtra-dharma (national responsibility), a samaja-dharma duty to society), a kula-dharma (duty to ancestors) and only in his vyakti-dharma (personal faith) he can choose any path which satisfies his spiritual urge.

There are some who imagine that the concept of Hindu Nation is a challenge to the very existence of the Muslim and the Christian co-citizens and they will be thrown out and exterminated. Nothing could be more absurd or detrimental to the national sentiment. It is an insult to our great and all-embracing cultural heritage.

The Hindu Nation was born with the Sanatana Dharma. With it, it moves and with it, it grows. When the Sanatana Dharma declines, then the Nation declines and if the Sanatana Dharma were capable of perishing, with the Sanatana Dharma it would perish. The Sanatan Dharma that is Nationalism. It is Hindu religion only, because the Hindu nation has kept it, because in this peninsula it grew up in the seclusion of the sea and the Himalayas, because in this sacred and ancient land it was given as a charge to the Aryan race to preserve through the ages.

Your forefathers underwent boldly, even death itself, but preserved their religion. Temple after temple was broken down by the foreign conqueror, but no sooner had the wave passed than the spire of the temple rose up again. Some of these old temples of southern India, and those like Somnath of Gujrat, will teach you volumes of wisdom, will give you a keener insight into the history of the race than any amount of books. Mark how these temples bear the marks of a hundred attacks and a hundred regenerations, continually destroyed and continually springing up out of the ruins, rejuvenated and strong as ever! That is the national mind, that is the national life-current. Follow it and it leads to glory; give it up and you' die; death will be the only result, annihilation the only effect, the moment you step beyond the life current'.

Swami Vivekananda.


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