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On behalf of Hindu Vivek Kendra we would like to offer the enclosed comments on the Srikrishna Commission Report. We give here a detailed comments on the Volume I of the report. Wherever necessary, we have considered the comments made in Volume II, which gives details of selected police stations, comments on depositions of some police officers, journalists and politicians, and the Action to be Taken Report (ATR) of the Maharashtra government. We have also based our comments on the information given by the Commission to some lawyers who were involved with the proceedings.

By law, a commission of inquiry is not bound by the rules that are applicable in a court of law, and hence it does not have a judiciary role. Also, the person heading the commission is not expected to play the role of a judge, but as one who recommends certain actions for follow up. The objective of the commission is not only to identify if there are certain persons against whom action needs to be taken, but also to look at the broader picture so that incidents like riots are not repeated. Hence, the commission is an important forum, which, if it functions properly, will lead to an improvement in social harmony.

In our comments there would be repetitions. This is necessary because the same points have been repeated in the original report. We have tried to keep asking the reader to make cross-references within our comments to the minimum. The number at the beginning of some of the paragraphs refers to the paragraph number in Volume I of the report.

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Chapter IV

The Curious Yuvraj Mohite Story

The Srikrishna Commission had charged the Shiv Sena chief, Balasaheb Thackeray, as being a general' who commanded his troops to organise the retaliation in the Jan 93 riots that took place in Mumbai. It would appear that this was done on the basis of the testimony of a journalist Shri Yuvraj Mohite. However, there is so much contradictions in this testimony that one has to look afresh at the whole thing. This article presents these contradictions.

Srikrishna Commission Report: Perception of Hindus and Muslims

Comment of Hindu Vivek Kendra

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